Review: Golden Gate Season 1, Episode 1

Golden Gate is Naked Sword ‘s first-ever original production – and what a way to make an impression. Their full season features 12 guys in five hardcore sex scenes – along with five solos – and is an exploration of the sex lives of gay men living in San Francisco.

This title is episode one and features a look at the sex life of  Cameron Marshall and  Topher DiMaggio – two white collar types who play just as hard as they work.

Cameron plays Ronald – a guy working in the financial sector who’s described as having “one market he hasn’t mastered”. Suffice to say it looks like Topher – who plays Jeremy – might be able to fill that void. He’s more adept at sex than a high-powered career.

One thing they do share is an affinity with the gym however. Both boys’ bodies look smoking in this introductory episode.

Knowing their character background really adds to the action in the film. Seeing an apparently straight-laced stud like Cameron getting his ass torn up by the hedonistic Topher gives their interaction an extra something.

It’s simply story telling that gives a fuck on the couch all that more resonance with an audience that’s keen to engage with stars beyond the flesh on film.

Watch the full movie here.


Released:   02/2011
Studio Name:   Naked Sword
Series:   Golden Gate
Director:   Chris Ward

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