Review: Tyler Breeds Phat Ass

Tyler Reed is in the house and he’s got some phat ass to breed in this all-new bareback release. Packed with seven scenes of raw encounters, it’s gritty, low budget and raw – just how we like our condomless features.

The guys over at USAJOCK really love Tyler and it’s not hard to understand why.  The seasoned porn veteran has been active in the adult industry since 2003, when he was about 31 years old.

He also turned his talents to directing four years later but maintains his career as a performer, which is a good thing because nobody can get enough of this hot, well-hung, thick breeder top.

Coming in at about 6’4” and weighing about 245lbs, he’s also a formidable force on screen. Bottom boys practically line up to get their holes ripped open by the giant of bareback cinema.

He’s joined by some other well-known bareback performers such as Dominik Rider in this film. They have a hot lockerroom fuck in scene four which is one not to miss simply because of the calibre of bareback performer that both represent in their passive/aggressive roles.

There’s also some hot interracial action in scene two, a threeway bareback fuck with some younger lads in scene six and a great bit of jock strap worship that starts the film off in scene one.

Simple, effective and fucking hot; this is a raw title not to be skipped on.

Watch the full movie here.

Categories: Amateur   Cumshot   New Release   Bareback   Anal   Cream Pies
Description:   Check out these 7 hot scenes of sucking and fucking some phat ass!

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