Movie Review: Young Perps 9: Interracial Edition

Watch Young Perps 9 on AEBN's adult VOD theater!Bareback Network’s “Young Perps 9: Interracial Edition” presents four more youthful scofflaws who have a choice: get fucked in the ass or get fucked legally. Really, if you’re going to be fucked, you might as well enjoy it, and these security guards are packing big black dicks.

In scene one, a slim, 18-year-old Latino named GBoy has been stealing porn DVDs. The loss prevention officer, JC (aka Axil Miller) quickly proves that the teen is lying when he opens up the drawstring bag, but only after conducting a body search first. This time, it’s the scared boy who offers up his ass in exchange for walking free. The LP officer accepts, because that’s one firm set of ass cheeks and he’s excited to find out just how tightly that hole hugs his BBC. GBoy sucks Officer JC’s throbbing erection, getting it wet to penetrate his rectum. Officer JC fucks a big load out of GBoy and unleashes his own nut on the teen’s chest.

Vinny Blackwood, a 20-year-old Latin stud, has been spotted in a retail store stealing money from a donation jar. Officer JC is back on duty and he’s glad to shake down such a heartless thief. When some cash falls out of Vinny’s pocket during the backroom interrogation, Officer JC conducts a cavity search. The tightness of that young criminal’s hole is too good to resist, and Vinny doesn’t want to go to jail, so the two of them strike a bargain. Vinny is reluctant to blow the security guard, but it’s much better than the alternative. Soon he begins to understand that this is only the beginning of his interrogation. Officer JC bends him over the table and pushes his dick inside the boy’s hole, anally teaching him a lesson he shouldn’t forget.

Jimmy Fame, aged 19, is a Latin twunk who’s been caught stealing $400 worth of merchandise from the store where Officer JC is on duty. By now you will have noticed that this is a security guard who likes to let perps go free if they do him a favor, but he will certainly leave them walking funny. Jimmy isn’t too thrilled to be on his knees giving a blowjob to another man, but it feels good for Officer JC and Jimmy manages to deep-throat him. This drives Officer JC wild and soon he has the boy bent over, pounding that ass. We get a split-screen view of the action from two different angles as Jimmy rides the officer’s huge black cock.

Trevor Stone is a short, muscular young white man with lots of tattoos. Loss Prevention Officer Timarrie Baker busts him after he was the last person seen on camera with jewelry that was discovered to be missing from a case. When Officer Baker brings Trevor to the LP office, he finds the suspect uncooperative and ends up doing a body search. Trevor still has the jewelry on him and can’t deny that he stole it. In his vulnerable position, he’s got no choice but to suck the security guard’s cock and give up his tight ass for fucking.

For every youthful thief in “Young Perps 9: Interracial Edition,” getting fucked by a loss prevention officer beats going to jail! Stream these scenes exclusively on AEBN’s adult VOD theater.

Stars:   Jimmy Fame   JC (m)   Timarrie Baker   Vinny Blackwood   Trevor Stone
Studio Name:   Bareback Network