Gay Porn Classic: Swallow

Swallow Released more than eleven years ago, Paul Morris’ incredible “Swallow” is still one of the most popular movies Treasure Island Media has produced in its history. As of this writing, it’s just about to pass one million minutes in AEBN’s video on demand theatres, and there are five phenomenal cum-drenched scenes to show you why it remains a must-see title and has reached classic porn status.

As you can always expect from TIM, this movie is wall-to-wall bareback fucking that erupts into buckets of man cum. These loads won’t go to waste, because there’s always a hungry mouth wide open and ready to swallow, just as the title says!

There’s an orgy in this film that is one of the best we’ve ever seen, but there are also several one-on-ones in there with just as much erotic power. Our favorite is the confessional in scene two from Nick Forest. The dark-haired hottie talks about when he and his “brother” Ty Dalton used to suck each other off back when they were teens, followed by a demonstration for our viewing pleasure. They kiss passionately while feeling each other’s dicks through their jeans, and then Ty kisses Nick’s chest and licks his pits before heading south for some cock and ball tasting. Nick tops Ty in a fuck that feels intimate and highly erotic, showing that they really have a connection.

In the hot group action that follows, spanning scenes three and four, there are plenty of raw fuckers and piggy bottoms willing to give us some amazing performances. To name just one, Treasure Island Exclusive Tom Shannon is a handsome, wholesome cum addict who can never get enough of that creamy white stuff. Whenever there’s a load about to pop, Tom is the kind of guy who’s always there to dive into the oncoming stream and gulp it down. But after greedily guzzling five loads, Tom has his own cumshot and fortunately, he has a pink-mohawked punk kid named Spunk there to lap it all up and swallow!

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