Trent Marx

Movie Review – Yes, Father 8: Communion

This week, Bareback Network’s deliciously profane saga of sexual obsession continues with “Yes, Father 8: Communion.”

Andy Adler has multiple secrets, but he’s not ready to spill them when he visits Father Corey Niles in the confessional. The priest impatiently questions the boy about which sins he may have committed; as soon as Andy admits that they are of a lustful nature, Father Corey pulls out his stiffening cock and begins to stroke it as he asks for more details. Andy admits that he’s not just been having sex, but it’s with men… lots of them, and they’re other members of the church. These men are making Andy keep these secrets. Upon hearing this, Father Corey convinces Andy that just one more secret won’t hurt anyone as he sticks his dick through the confessional window for the boy to suck. The hot priest and the young man work out a penance that they can both shamefully enjoy, as long as neither of them tells a soul about their sins of the flesh.

Father Corey has been working over more than one of his parishioners, and he’s not good at keeping his mouth shut. (more…)

Movie Review – Yes Father 6: Sodomy

The sacred and profane meet in “Yes Father 6: Sodomy,” the latest in Bareback Network’s scorching series about gay priests and the young men who look to them for blessed release. Some of the boys are seduced, others are the initiators, but in every scene the sex is undeniably going to get these priests and parishioners a whole lot more than seven minutes in heaven.

Father Ethan Sinns is one of the hot priests we can’t get enough of, with a toned body and deliciously big dick. Luckily for us, we’ll see him in more than one scene. First, he hears the confession of blond twink Trent Marx. It hasn’t been many days since Trent’s last confession, because he must confess to many gay sex fantasies and a lot of masturbation. Father Ethan seizes the chance to act out his own obsession with power and bareback sex with his cuter parishioners. Telling Trent to get on his knees, the sexy priest makes the twink atone for his sins with a session of cock sucking and raw fucking in the confession booth. (more…)

Movie Review: Vitamin D

Are you getting your recommended daily allowance of vitamin D? Doctors say most of us aren’t getting nearly enough of this vital nutrient. You know, they call it the sun vitamin, but in “Vitamin D” from Fuck Champ Robinson/Vision X, you might want to think of it as the meat vitamin.

The hugely endowed Ray Diesel packs a powerful engine between his legs. Juicce Booty, aka Trackboi, is a porn newcomer who gets to ride that train nice and hard in scene one! Ray gives Juicce more than he ever expected, and yet this bottom craves even more as his wrecked ass is dripping with jizz.

Zac Snow (aka Pup Neon) can’t wait to get his mouth around the big dick that Zario Travezz has for him. After Zario gives Zac’s greedy hole a deep drilling, the white bottom and the mixed top cum together in perfect harmony!

Levy Foxx is a cute Filipino bottom who has a tight ass that can take more girth and length than you might think, based on his slim frame. (more…)

Movie Review: Wet Heat

“Wet Heat” is an AEBN-exclusive new release from Falcon Studios that takes you to a tropical vacation where you can count on the wettest, hottest fucking imaginable. Ten sexy men go for a dip so they can feel the cool waters on their gleaming skin while also signaling to the hunks around them that they’re ready for a hookup.

Luke Truong has been teasing his skinny-dipping partner Tristan Hunter for hours. The built-up sexual tension between this pair boils over as they head over to the edge of the pool to suck each other off. With Tristan lying on the deck, Luke mounts his rock-hard rod and takes a ride for a while. The view of this compactly built Asian stud’s smooth back and ass are simply exquisite as he sits on that dick and Tristan cradles his bottom. After having his way with Luke’s hole in an array of positions, Tristan pops on the outside of his ass.

Bubble-butt hunk Michael Boston and lean, tattooed newcomer Vincent O’Reilly have one thing on their minds when they hit the pool: fucking the hell out of each other’s hungry holes. (more…)