Movie Review – Yes Father 6: Sodomy

The sacred and profane meet in “Yes Father 6: Sodomy,” the latest in Bareback Network’s scorching series about gay priests and the young men who look to them for blessed release. Some of the boys are seduced, others are the initiators, but in every scene the sex is undeniably going to get these priests and parishioners a whole lot more than seven minutes in heaven.

Father Ethan Sinns is one of the hot priests we can’t get enough of, with a toned body and deliciously big dick. Luckily for us, we’ll see him in more than one scene. First, he hears the confession of blond twink Trent Marx. It hasn’t been many days since Trent’s last confession, because he must confess to many gay sex fantasies and a lot of masturbation. Father Ethan seizes the chance to act out his own obsession with power and bareback sex with his cuter parishioners. Telling Trent to get on his knees, the sexy priest makes the twink atone for his sins with a session of cock sucking and raw fucking in the confession booth.

When Andrew Powers confesses his latest sins to Father Johnny B, the attractive gay priest finds all the dirty deeds stirring his loins in a most profane way. Clearly the only way this boy can be absolved is by performing services for Father Johnny right there in the confessional. On his knees, Andrew commits yet more sins that he will need to atone for – which is exactly what Father Johnny wants. It’s a vicious cycle that is sure to bring this horny duo many more sinful sessions in the church.

In the booth once again, Father Ethan Sinns hears the confession of horny young Shae Reynolds, a chronic masturbator. Father Sinns wants to make the guilty boy feel better and give him a more wholesome way to alleviate his sexual tension. If the boy finds himself overwhelmed with the need to cum, he can always turn to his friendly Father. Shae can feel the “holy spirit” (in other words, Father Ethan Sinns’ cock) move through him – more specifically, through his greedy hole. This is a win for both the sinner and the priest.

Taylor Reign is a good-looking new student at St. Patrick’s Catholic School who’s looking for guidance. Kindly Father Isaac Parker is that rare priest at the school who will welcome students into his home for private counseling. Adjusting to life at the school hasn’t been easy, and Taylor just wants to feel a connection. Sensing that the priest is just as hungry for it as he is, Taylor kneels and pulls Father Parker’s trousers down so he can finally see, feel, smell, and taste the cock that has been the subject of his fantasies since the moment he laid eyes on the man. After a long, luscious, worshipful blowjob, Taylor bends over and presents his ass for penetration. Father Isaac Parker is happy to deliver the holy rod… raw and with reverence.

Enjoy the secrets you weren’t supposed to see when young Catholic men bottom for horny gay priests in “Yes Father 6: Sodomy,” an AEBN VOD exclusive new release from Bareback Network.