Movie Review – Yes, Father 8: Communion

This week, Bareback Network’s deliciously profane saga of sexual obsession continues with “Yes, Father 8: Communion.”

Andy Adler has multiple secrets, but he’s not ready to spill them when he visits Father Corey Niles in the confessional. The priest impatiently questions the boy about which sins he may have committed; as soon as Andy admits that they are of a lustful nature, Father Corey pulls out his stiffening cock and begins to stroke it as he asks for more details. Andy admits that he’s not just been having sex, but it’s with men… lots of them, and they’re other members of the church. These men are making Andy keep these secrets. Upon hearing this, Father Corey convinces Andy that just one more secret won’t hurt anyone as he sticks his dick through the confessional window for the boy to suck. The hot priest and the young man work out a penance that they can both shamefully enjoy, as long as neither of them tells a soul about their sins of the flesh.

Father Corey has been working over more than one of his parishioners, and he’s not good at keeping his mouth shut. Not only did he do the same thing with Churchboy Myott that he did with Andy, but he also ran his mouth about it. Myott’s tender ass is still stinging from the spanking he got when he goes to settle the score with the gossipy priest. Father Corey just laughs about the punishment, so Myott decides to turn the tables and spank the priest in return. Churchboy Myott gets worked up while doling out the spanks, and he won’t feel that his revenge is served until he licks and fucks Father Corey’s ass.

During his confession, blond jock Jay Tee admits to Father Jack Hunter that when he’s not masturbating, he’s thinking about masturbating. Seizing the opportunity, the hot priest tells the sexy guy that the only way to resist sexual temptation is to give in to it. Enacting his fantasy with the priest in the confession booth won’t count against his mortal soul, and that way he can get it out of his system. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it, and Father Hunter is here to help. In the confessional, Jay opens his sweet mouth and even sweeter ass for Father Hunter’s holy rod. The priest proceeds to fuck the devil out of the boy.

Platinum blond twink Trent Marx visits the confession booth with Father Ethan Sinns, where he confesses that his mind is consumed with sex and he masturbates as often as possible. He knows it’s wrong to touch himself in that way, so the young man puts his faith in the hunky priest to help save his soul with a penance there in the confessional. Trent kneels as the priest tells him to do, thinking it’s time to pray. Instead, the boy takes the older man’s cock in his mouth, and later in his tight ass.

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