Movie Review: Austin Wilde’s Favorite Holes

Watch Austin Wilde's Favorite Holes on AEBNGorgeous, versatile top Austin Wilde has created a new series for his own Guys in Sweatpants studio that is all about him picking his favorite bottoms and getting his first crack at guys who interest him. “Austin Wilde’s Favorite Holes,” this week’s featured movie, is the first installment of the series.

First up is Clark Parker, a model-gorgeous tattooed bottom who makes an excellent fuck buddy for Austin. After spending a little bit of time walking outdoors, they head for bed. The two of them look stunning together and you can really tell they enjoy each other. Austin drives in deep, giving Clark the kind of fuck he only daydreamed about before.

Mateo Vice is a tasty Latin bottom who’s perfectly matched with Austin. As much as Austin has wanted to fuck him, that’s how much Austin’s fans have wanted to see it. Mateo starts out sucking Austin’s big dick while Austin tries to play video games. Soon, he just can’t even pretend to focus on the game and has to get his dick inside Mateo’s ass. Mateo is active and enthusiastic, taking it upon himself to ride Austin with all his might, bouncing and slamming his ass down for maximum penetration.

Chandler Holt is a cute, 18-year-old twink from Tennessee with curly brown hair and a lip print tattoo on his right ass cheek. There’s an appealing visual contrast between Chandler’s tall, slim, pale body and Austin’s more compact, muscular, darker look. Austin is the guy Chandler dreamed of to be his first in the business, and the resulting scene more than lives up to his (and our) expectations. Following a blowjob sequence that’ll almost push you over the edge on its own, Austin tickles Chandler’s pucker with his skilled tongue. Chandler’s blissful expression as Austin penetrates his fresh hole and fucks the hell out of him says it all.

Austin has enjoyed some quality time with Brandon Evans before, but this is the first time Guys in Sweatpants has caught the two of them on camera together. After they worship each other’s muscular bodies, there’s plenty of cock sucking and flip fucking to enjoy. Austin enjoys fucking Brandon so much that he cums inside him before the scene is even close to finishing. That means that it’s Brandon’s turn to top, driving deep into Austin and jerking him off at the same time. By the time Brandon pops, Austin is ready to go again and he has his second crack at Brandon’s crack!

After seeing the four scenes in “Austin Wilde’s Favorite Holes,” we can already tell you that we’re ready for more of this series! Stream it exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Austin Wilde   Brandon Evans   Mateo Vice   Chandler Holt   Clark Parker
Studio Name:   Guys In Sweatpants