Cheap Thrills 4

Cheap Thrills 4Mmm, there’s something immediately satisfying about life’s cheapest thrills, isn’t there? Director Liam Cole and Treasure Island Media understand that sometimes that’s what we want, especially when we’re watching porn. Cheap Thrills 4 is another fast ‘n’ dirty installment of a series that always gives us that special kind of excitement that comes from knowing you and he won’t remember each other’s names in the morning and you don’t mind.

London’s finest fuck-pigs are giving us all they’ve got in this movie. Florian Manns gives up his rounded porcelain ass for a nameless, hairy, uncut top who pins and mounts him like a butterfly. Euro stud Peto Coast fucks the hell out of Leoman and proves yet again why he’s famous for his ass-plundering prowess. Titch Jones is anything but a “titch” (slang for something small), and what he gives to Jake Ascott is anything but small! Finally, Anton Dickson finds his nameless flatmate sleeping and decides to wake him up with some hot, raw drilling.

The cheaper and more cum-drenched the thrill, the more we love it! Cheap Thrills 4 is now streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   43 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media
Series:   Cheap Thrills
Director:   Liam Cole
Stars:   Florian Manns   Anton Dixon   Titch Jones   Peto Coast   Jake Ascot   Leoman
Categories: Amateur   Euro   International   Bareback   Anal   High Definition

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