Jarod Steele’s Buckets of Cum

Jarod Steele's Buckets of CumJarod Steel is a good looking, young, blond talent who was 21 years old and very much a tasty twink at the time “Jarod Steele’s Buckets of Cum was filmed in 2007. He had been doing porn for about two years, and proved to be more than deserving of a showcase movie like this from bareback studio Hot Desert Knights. To say Jarod is a cock-hungry pig is an understatement and that’s what makes this movie a perpetual favorite of porn fans everywhere.

Bent over doggy style on a bench, Jarod is ready for all the erect men who soon surround him. With one cock in the ass, he has his pick of three cocks surrounding his mouth while other guys wait nearby, jerking off. Jarod gets his fill of the hung Jake Harris first. His other hole fillers include hairy Duke Savage and (in missionary on a sex sling) cock ring-wearing brotha Big Ben Gunn. Throughout the scene Jarod takes on a total of six guys and after about 23 minutes he takes his first load. It goes all over his asshole and up onto his cock and balls before the cummy cock slides back into his hole. All of Jarod’s tops take great pleasure in tonguing and further stretching out his sloppy hole, so if you like it super messy this will really do it for you. Jarod finally can take no more before his own load erupts. It’s impressive how long he’s able to hold out before the cum gushes out of him! Then somebody, it looks like Ben, licks some of the extra cream off Jarod’s cock with a hungry tongue.

You’d think all this action would be enough for 11-incher Casey Wood and twinkish Caleb Daniels, but no. After the gangbang is over they find a room alone and have a hot one-on-one. Caleb, a lanky blond, is eager to suck Casey’s enormous erection and take a ride on it in several positions, even piledriver. Then it’s Casey’s turn to get fucked. We dare you not to lose your load when you see the cum spraying from Casey’s unbelievable dick.

Now that Jarod has had time to rest and recover, he’s back in the sling and taking on another gangbang. It’s a lot like the first scene but there’s a little more of an orgy feel this time, with some daisy chain action happening to the one currently stuffing Jarod. This scene is also noticeably longer, with more than 45 minutes of sweaty, hairy, grunting male-on-male action! Jarod is one hungry pig, bless ‘im, and now that we’ve seen the extraordinarily hung Casey in a one-on-one, he stands out even more in the gangbang action. At the end, the cream pie that Jarod expels is of course an enormous one.

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