Movie Review: Active Duty’s “First Strike 5”

first strike 5, active duty, dink flamingo, claude, military, porn, gay, ivan james, allen lucas, colton phobos, princeton price, ryan jordanActive Duty presents its latest batch of recruits and veterans in First Strike 5.

Muscular veterans Michael and Allen Lucas are first up on the bed, doing the customary chat with the director (Claude, off camera as always) before they strip naked to show off their muscles and tattoos. Michael tells Allen to suck his thick, hard meat, which Allen does with great and obvious pleasure. Allen goes deep and gropes Michael’s sculpted chest, too. Asserting his dominance, Michael kneels over Allen and slaps his hard dick against Allen’s face. But soon he’s ready to see what Allen’s cock tastes like, and his slow, sensual deep throating leads to a stunning session of sixty-nine. Bending over the bed, Allen opens his tight but greedy hole to take a pounding from Allen, whose fuck is as powerful as always. Allen moves into missionary position later on, when Michael is closer to orgasm. The director says Allen should jerk Michael’s load onto himself. He does, and the jizz eruption is epic!

As Claude chats with Colton Phobos and John, the two muscular recruits start sliding their hands into each other’s pants. It’s always so hot when they just can’t wait! They get naked and Colton shows he’s no stranger to blowing dudes. He gives the camera plenty of sexy eye contact while face-fucking his fellow soldier. Colton eventually heightens John’s pleasure by tonguing his bunghole, and John has to take a moment to recover before he loses his load sooner than anticipated. That’s when Active Duty favorite Ivan James shows up, much to everyone’s excitement! Colton eagerly engulfs Ivan’s erection with his mouth and offers up his hungry ass. Ivan stuffs Colton full of his swollen dick and makes him take it like a soldier. When John sees how much Ivan and Colton are enjoying themselves, he returns to the action and fucks his first man hole while Ivan watches. All the soldiers cum hard and so will you.

The last two scenes introduce us to two exciting new recruits. Princeton Price is a gorgeous, dark-haired soldier with a sexy mouth and enticing smile. We get plenty of eye candy as he shows off his beautiful cock from different vantage points and strokes himself till he shoots a big load. Then sandy-haired, blue-eyed hottie Ryan Jordan gives us all a great show as he pulls out his impressive meat, lubes up, and jerks out a whole lot of jizz. When even Claude is impressed at the size of the load, you should be too! One of the best things about these masturbation sequences is that Claude lets us see from these guys’ POV for a minute. What it must feel like to have such a hot body and fine cock to play with 24/7—we’d never leave the house.

From the hot military models in scene one, to the outstanding threeway in scene two, and concluding with a couple of satisfying solo strokers, First Strike 5 is quintessential Active Duty porn. It’s streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Ivan James   Allen Lucas   Colton Phobos   Princeton Price   John (Active Duty)   Ryan Jordan   Michael (Active Duty)
Studio Name:   Active Duty

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