Movie Review: Better Sex Than Studying

Watch Better Sex Than Studying on AEBNThe start of the school year usually means that a lot of roommates are just getting to know each other for the first time. You can lose yourself in “Better Sex Than Studying” from Next Door Raw, a fantasy of a time before school and housing got so complicated.

Dante Martin sizes up his roommate, Zion Nicholas, and decides that he’d like to set the books aside. It’s time for some anatomy lessons instead. When he sees Zion’s fat cock, Dante eagerly finds out how much he can fit in his mouth. After a hot oral session, Dante bends over and opens his ass up for Zion to drill. Following a vigorous fuck, Zion pulls out and coats Dante with his hot, creamy spunk.

Dalton Riley is training to be a cop and he’s just brought home his officially issued handcuffs to show off for his boyfriend, Michael Del Ray. It doesn’t take a detective to figure out Dalton’s motivation or predict what happens when Dalton dangles the cuffs in front of Michael. The boyfriends love a little light bondage play, and now Dalton even gets to practice using his new tools.

Chad Piper thinks that his roommate, Nathan Styles is reading a regular book in his room, but the truth is revealed when Nathan rolls over on the bed and Chad sees the stiff bulge in those jeans. That book must be pretty hard to read, so it’s time for Chad to help Nathan out! Chad’s mouth is a perfect receptacle for Nathan’s raging erection, but when it’s time to fuck, Nathan is the one opening up his hole.

Carter Woods is horny because his girlfriend’s out of town and he’s got the hots for his roommate, Jake Porter. There’s schoolwork to do, but Carter doesn’t feel like it right now. He’d rather have a good time with Jake. Fuck studying, Carter and Jake have lots of time and privacy to act on their secret mutual attraction. Turns out Carter’s not so straight after all, and he loves to top. Jake is one lucky bottom.

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Stars:   Dante Martin   Zion Nicholas   Michael DelRay   Nathan Styles   Jake Porter   Dalton Riley   Chad Piper
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw

Watch Better Sex Than Studying on AEBNWatch Better Sex Than Studying on AEBNWatch Better Sex Than Studying on AEBNWatch Better Sex Than Studying on AEBN