Movie Review: Big Dick Ballerz

Watch Big Dick Ballerz on AEBNFuck Champ Robinson returns this week with “Big Dick Ballerz,” a new release that’s certain to bring interracial and big dick porn fans plenty of good times.

Mr. Cali and Luca D’Amore start the action with a hot interracial fuck. Tall, brawny Mr. Cali bends Luca’s round butt over on the bed and gives him powerful, deep thrusts with his large fuck stick.

Purple-haired Butta Nutt is a thick and sexy top. In the first of two scenes, he makes a meal of a slim bottom named Dylan, first rimming and then slamming his hole. He lives up to his last name with a thick load deposited in Dylan’s ass.

In an interracial rendezvous that will tantalize all of you who are into beefy, bearish tops, Joseph Ox takes control of Takken from nuts to butt.

Butta Nutt, sporting green hair this time, comes back for more in scene four to pound Nate Stetson. These two are especially hot together, a great pairing of a powerful top and a greedy bottom who fucks back against his top.

Champ Robinson and Benny give us passion and chemistry in the final scene. From the kissing to the cock sucking and then the raw fucking, it’s a volcanic eruption that brings the movie to an awesome conclusion.

E. Rex Sean’s first time in the director’s chair brings us plenty of cum-splashing fun! Don’t miss “Big Dick Ballerz” from Fuck Champ Robinson, an AEBN VOD exclusive.

Stars:   Champ Robinson   Mr. Cali   Nate Stetson   Luca D’Amore
Studio Name:   Fuck Champ Robinson

Watch Big Dick Ballerz on AEBNWatch Big Dick Ballerz on AEBNWatch Big Dick Ballerz on AEBNWatch Big Dick Ballerz on AEBNWatch Big Dick Ballerz on AEBN