Movie Review: Black Godz 3

Watch Black Godz 3 on AEBN VOD“Black Godz 3” from Bareback Network takes us deep into an underground secret society that’s devoted to sex and power. Comprised of handsome Black men who are the finest, smartest, most powerful, most successful, and horniest male specimens around, the “Godz” live in a mansion and take in young white guys as companions who happily serve in any way that’s asked of them in exchange for mentorship and a place to stay. While the Godz indulge in their tradition of finding and fucking virginal companions in ceremonial, ritualistic fashion, the companions also benefit by expanding their horizons and realizing their true sexual natures thanks to the mentorship of the Godz.

Liam Cyber and his finely sculpted muscles are a highlight of this flick, as he appears in three of the four scenes. His first conquest is Joe Ex, a dark-haired twink who has become one of the most helpful and favored companions in the house. In scene one, Joe lavishes attention on Liam’s incredible torso and bubble butt with his hands, then orally worships his XL cock before Liam lays Joe down on the bed to caress and possess his pale-skinned body.

Bama Romello has dark skin, locs, and good looks that make us long to see more of him. In his one scene with the athletic Michael Boston, Bama radiates charisma and shows off impressive fucking skills. Michael is another favorite companion for all the Godz, and you can see why—he has a nice thick booty and thighs, so he’s a bottom who can really take a pounding.

In scene three, Liam Cyber and Joe Ex are back to explore their new sexual bond even further with just as much passion as before. Joe’s newfound sexual confidence inspires him to ride even harder and bend his limber body into ever more impressive positions to let Liam penetrate the depths of his ass.

Penn finds his way to the House of Godz after a school life filled with bullying and judgment because he stood head and shoulders above all the other students. Now, as a young man, his tallness is seen as an advantage. He just needs the acceptance, guidance, and love of the Godz, and Liam Cyber is happy to give him all three of those things and more. Liam and Penn make for an appealing pair. Even though Penn is taller, he submits to Liam’s power and confidence. Liam loves a tall bottom and Penn loves the sensation of a BBC stretching his virgin ass.

Bareback Network’s “Black Godz 3” is one of the most exciting interracial flicks we’ve seen in a while. This new release is an AEBN VOD exclusive.

Stars:   Liam Cyber   Joe Ex   Michael Boston   Penn   Bama Romello
Studio Name:   Bareback Network

Watch Black Godz 3 on AEBNWatch Black Godz 3 on AEBNWatch Black Godz 3 on AEBNWatch Black Godz 3 on AEBN