Movie Review: Brother Crush 17

Watch Brother Crush 17 on AEBNThe Brother Crush series from Bareback Network has given us some of our favorite gay taboo porn scenes ever, so we were excited when we saw “Brother Crush 17” pop up on the new releases. We’re happy to say that the action lives up to the hype we built up in our minds upon seeing the box cover.

Eric Charming and his older stepbrother Jack Hunter are hanging out by the pool, soaking up the sun and plotting mischief. There’s strong sexual chemistry between these two, so it’s no surprise to Eric when Jack says that he wants Eric to fuck him like Dad fucks Mom in their parents’ bed. Eric just about loses it when the tip of his swollen dick touches the back of Jack’s throat, but he holds back his orgasm for a long, intense session of flip-fucking with his older brother. The copious amount of cum from both guys is a testament to their virility as well as their desire for each other.

Blond twink Theo Brady thought he was gonna be clever and play a prank on his sleeping older brother. He sprays some shaving cream into big bro’s palm, then lightly tickles big bro’s face. When big bro wakes up to a nose and mouth full of white foam, he quickly puts Theo in a headlock and shows him the consequences of his tricky ways. The sweet revenge involves a whole other type of sticky white stuff for Theo after his tight hole is thoroughly invaded and drilled.

Drew is a talented artist. His younger brother has a crush on Drew and decides that the way to his stepbrother’s dick is by offering to model in the nude. Younger bro has been working out, so when he takes his clothes off, Drew likes what he sees, especially those sculpted abs and pecs. The muscle he likes the most is the one between his brother’s legs that is growing harder and longer by the second, just begging for a blowjob. Drew wraps his lips around his brother’s cock and has a good long suck. Now Drew is just as erect as his brother, and he lies down with his boner pointing right at the ceiling. The younger bro is excited to grind on Drew’s fuck stick and take a wild ride!

Carter Ford keeps oversleeping every day, and big brother Ted Xander is determined to punish Carter for making them both late for school. Ted thinks that a good spanking will correct Carter’s behavior, but he should know by now that won’t solve anything. He soon discovers that Carter likes it rough—each smack on the ass gets him just a bit stiffer. Ted can’t help feeling excited, so when Carter pulls his ass cheeks apart and invites Ted to penetrate his sweet hole, big bro just can’t help himself! Spurred on by Carter jerking a load out while riding Ted’s prick, Ted sprays his own jizz uncontrollably. Maybe more than any of the other pairs in this movie, Carter and Ted really get off on each other.

Watching the stepbrother duos in “Brother Crush 17” suck and fuck each other is an exquisite taboo pleasure that feels too good to be bad. This new release from Bareback Network is exclusive to our adult VOD theater.

Stars:   Jack Hunter   Eric Charming   Carter Ford   Ted Xander   Theo Brady
Studio Name:   
Bareback Network

Watch Brother Crush 17 on AEBNWatch Brother Crush 17 on AEBNWatch Brother Crush 17 on AEBNWatch Brother Crush 17 on AEBN