Movie Review: Cabin Fever

Himeros TV, founded by online personality Davey Wavey, returns with another set of exquisitely imagined and performed vignettes that bring a fresh perspective to gay porn. “Cabin Fever,” our featured movie of the week, was filmed on location in Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains of California. Director Travis Matthews appears to have let this all-star cast do what instinct tells them to do, giving it a naturalism and authenticity that we love to see.

Hunky Cade Maddox puts on some sexy music and does a striptease for his lover, the foxy Dalton Briggs, in their cabin. The slow, sensual seduction pays off big time when the boyfriends start to worship each other’s stunning bodies. Cade and Dalton are deeply entangled in a bareback lovemaking session in bed while Brazilian stud Diego Sans peers through the cracked-open door. At some point we can see that the couple are aware that they have an audience, which inspires them to fuck even harder and deeper. This vignette mixes images of the lovers with their audience, amping up the tension and merciful release for the performers and for you, the voyeur through the screen.

After getting an eyeful of Cade Maddox and Dalton Briggs, Diego Sans heads for a hot bath, where he soaps up while letting his mind wander into erotic fantasies. The close-up shots on his wet, hairy skin and carved muscles are simply beautiful. He strokes and pulls on his increasingly swollen cock until he feels the rush of orgasm.

Dalton Briggs and Logan Cross take their time and explore every part of each other’s incredible young bodies, from head to toe. The camera treats their muscles and skin like landscape at times. Artistic yet undeniably arousing, the video is a visual feast that will especially please foot fetishists. Dalton worships Logan’s feet and drives both of them even wilder. Their powerful orgasms say it all.

Some of these men decide to leave the confines of the cabin for fresh air and a chance to fuck where anyone could just walk up and see them. J.P. Dubois, a redheaded Scotsman, encounters gorgeous Colombian hunk Angel Cruz while he’s out in the woods. The chance that hikers might see them so close to the path drives these horny young men wild, spurring their sex on to greater heights of bliss.

Logan Cross lies on his back, legs folded into himself, his quivering asshole facing the ceiling. He doesn’t have long to wait before Cade Maddox appears and treats Logan to a long, loving prostate massage and rim job that will bring him – and you – every bit as much pleasure as a raw fuck.

Nico Nova is a gorgeous young Latino with a pierced nose and a cowboy hat. Jack Bailey is a sandy-haired white twink in a white tank top. In the shade of a big old sycamore tree, the young lovers enjoy a passionate connection that they spice up with a little bit of playful spanking.

We finish the action with Cade Maddox and Diego Sans enjoying each other’s throbbing cocks with mutual masturbation. The action is a slow burn that pays off with explosive orgasms.

“Cabin Fever” treats the vignettes almost like daydreams, but also introduces them in a way that may remind you of guided sexual meditations or instructional videos. Himeros TV has given us yet another must-see movie that will awaken your senses and remind you of what you love about adult films.