Movie Review: College Muscle Jocks 3

It’s about time for college students to return to campus, and going back to school has never been more fun than it is in “College Muscle Jocks 3” from Corbin Fisher.

While playing basketball, Jacob bets his buddy Tobias that whoever scores the next goal will get to top the other one. Tobias takes the bet and proceeds to let Jacob win. While Tobias lies on the bed, already rock hard, Jacob squats over his face and feeds his stiff dick down Tobias’ throat, giving us a tasty view of his muscular ass and legs. Getting increasingly worked up from the adrenaline and the sheer joy of fucking, Jacob proceeds to anally fuck Tobias in all sorts of positions, pounding a huge load out of him before feeding his own cum to Tobias’ thirsty mouth.

In an epic scene, we see Connor and Trey in a threeway with the notoriously multi-orgasmic Corbin Fisher fan favorite Aiden. Trey and Connor know that one of the secrets to unlocking Aiden’s sexual superpowers is by working on every part of his body, especially his tender nipples. While Trey sucks Aiden’s dick, Connor feeds his big dick to Aiden. Aiden and Trey team up on Connor for a double blowjob. Throughout this explosive 3-way, Aiden and Trey share Connor’s XL cock in an assortment of positions and configurations. Trey sucks the first load out of Aiden, who cums all over himself. After Connor and Trey spitroast Aiden, we see Aiden cum for the second time. As Trey has his first orgasm, Aiden is right there to slurp it all down and clean Trey’s cock with his mouth. All of this finally drives Connor to shoot out a thick load of spunk, but he can’t stop fucking these two hot bottoms! He pushes his still-hard dick into Trey and makes him cum for a second time, and Aiden jerks out his third load while watching. No one has managed to cum more times per scene than Aiden, whose record remains at four.

Speaking of CF men who are known for their orgasms, Kent is up next in a scene with Reed. These jocks have played sports together, but now it’s time for balls of a different kind. After seeing how passionately they make out, it’s clear that they’ve been dreaming of this moment. Kent orally worships Reed’s gorgeous cock, then lubes himself up and teases Reed’s eager hole. Reed responds vocally and physically as Kent finally relieves the tension and pushes in more than the tip. After a break for some cock sucking, Reed gets on all fours and pushes back against Kent’s thrusts, matching his energy. Kent eventually cums all over Reed’s ass and eagerly swallows Reed’s load.

In the last scene, Latino bottom Elian is happy to welcome big-dicked top Barron back to the action at Corbin Fisher. Barron knows just where to angle himself to push Elian’s buttons as he thrusts that fat cock deep inside. With expert timing and intensity, Barron takes Elian to a state of pure bliss. After Elian shoots his load, he watches enraptured as Barron’s cock erupts with spunk. Elian is quick to lick and suck up all the cum he can swallow.

“College Muscle Jocks 3” from Corbin Fisher is now available to rent, stream, or download at our adult VOD theater.