Movie Review: Cum Hungry Fuckboys

Watch Cum Hungry Fuckboys on AEBNDark Alley Media’s Raw Fuck Club is home to many “Cum Hungry Fuckboys,” so it’s only natural that they release a movie by that name. You can expect all the condomless fun that your dirty little heart desires.

Power top Tyler Roberts and greedy bottom Wesley Woods are on their honeymoon in the first scene. It’s the first Raw Fuck Club appearance for each of them, and the energy they put off is combustible. Wesley takes every relentless stroke that Tyler gives with his fat cock and still begs for more. It’s half an hour of sweaty, raw, feral fucking.

Aiden Ward and RFC newbie Nick Milani are another stunning pair. Nick’s callipygian ass cheeks get Aiden hard right away, and Nick can’t wait to take Aiden’s huge cock in his hole. Aiden slams Nick but good, pun intended.

Sexy little Spaniard Angel Cruz is a renowned bottom, so when he arrives at the film set, Owen Hawk and Zario Travezz are already eager to top him, threesome style. This scene is full of explosive energy radiating from and flowing between all three men. Owen and Zario take turns with Angel, giving him their hard fuck sticks to bounce on and feeding his hungry mouth. There’s some double penetration for a moment. In this meeting of tops and bottom who are all at the pinnacle of porn performance, the action is rough and fun, and the cum is voluminous.

Returning from previous scenes, Daddy Tyler Roberts and bubble butt bottom Nick Milani close out the flick. Tyler turns Nick into his own personal, living fuck toy, and Nick just loves getting bossed around and used as a human cum dump.

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Starring: Tyler Roberts, Owen Hawk, Wesley Woods, Nick Milani, Aiden Ward, Zario Travezz, Angel Cruz
Studio: Dark Alley Media, Raw Fuck Club

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