Movie Review: Daddyland

Watch Daddyland from Cockyboys exclusively on AEBNCockyboys and director Jake Jaxson have to an awesome quartet of scenes for us with this week’s featured movie, “Daddyland.” Is Daddyland a real place, or just a magical realm that lives in your wet dreams? Either way, we’re happy to visit.

Young, toned Nico Leon is out jogging and cruising—we love a multi-tasker! He heads off the trail when he doesn’t find any suitable prospects. He sees muscular stud Austin Wolf in the distance, naked and lying on a blanket across a couple of fallen trees, masturbating. Soon, Nico loses sight of his potential fuck buddy. To his surprise and arousal, Nico feels Austin grab him from behind! Feeling the call of the wild, Nico submits to a bareback pounding from the hot stranger in the forest. Eventually, Austin takes Nico back to the fallen trees, where Nico takes a ride. With power and confidence, Austin takes Nico’s hot, hungry ass and pounds it till they both blow big loads.

Cole Claire is excited to bottom for Chris Loan, whose muscles he loves to worship. Chris gets harder as he feels Cole’s mouth on his nipples and big, uncut dick. Finally, Chris takes his turn blowing Cole. The two of them 69 each other, including some rimming. Cole sinks down on to Chris and works his way up to a hard, fast ride. Chris bends Cole over and slams him even harder, taking the time to work in a little bit of exercise with some pushups while dipping into Cole’s ass from above. After Chris pastes Cole’s backside with jizz, Cole uses it as lube to jerk out his own load. So fucking hot!

Carter Dane and Sean Zevran have a sensual, playful energy throughout their scene. They can’t stop kissing each other, except when their mouths are otherwise occupied. While Carter sucks Sean’s curved cock and big balls, Sean licks Carter’s hungry hole. Carter mounts Sean and takes a hard, raw ride. They almost reach climax, but then Sean wants a change of position so they can pull back and prolong the pleasure. Up against a window and then back to the bed, they try a variety of angles as if to see which one will drive each other the craziest. After Sean fucks a load out of Carter and then pops on Carter’s ass, they fall into a blissful nap.

Max Adonis and Wesley Woods are finally getting to fuck for the first time, and their chemistry is obvious. In a bubble bath, they make out and trade oral sex. Max plays with Wesley’s hole while spanking his ass, working him up into a frenzy before giving him the penetration he craves. Wesley pushes back against Max’s thrusts while getting a reacharound, and just when you think they’re both going to lose their loads, they get out of the tub for a change of position. Now Wesley can mount Max and really bounce on him, but he doesn’t cum until Max flips Wesley onto his back and pounds his ass. Deliriously, Wesley eats Max’s cum. The two of them swap the load with a kiss.

“Daddyland” is a new release from Cockyboys that’s exclusively streaming on AEBN, and we couldn’t be more excited about this collection of stunning bareback scenes!

Stars:   Austin Wolf   Nico Leon   Sean Zevran   Chris Loan   Wesley Woods   Carter Dane   Max Adonis   Cole Claire
Studio Name:   Cockyboys