Movie Review: Family Dick 11

Watch Family Dick 11 on AEBNFeast your eyes on hot daddy/son duos and trios in this week’s featured movie, “Family Dick 11” from Bareback Network.

Young Felix Maze is a blue-eyed, ginger twink who’s growing up to be a handsome young man, and his stepfather Michael Reid couldn’t be prouder. Going against all the rules of right and wrong, ignoring societal taboos, Michael just can’t resist getting intimate with his tasty twink stepson. Felix knows that one day he’s going to be a man and he needs to learn how to have sex. When he has the chance at some hands-on sexual education with his father, he takes it! Michael gets Felix relaxed and wet with his tongue before bending him over and pushing his dick inside. Soon Felix is getting fucked like a pro.

Older son Wesley Woods joins Felix and Michael for a blazing threesome in the next scene. After measuring the boys’ heights and comparing Felix’s muscles with Wesley’s, Michael and Wesley agree that it’s time to give Felix his first threeway sexual experience.

Later, in scene three, Wesley and Felix find Michael lounging naked on the couch, ass up and just begging for them to play. The brothers team up on their stepdad with their tongues and cocks, taking turns topping him until many loads are spent.

Dante Drackis (aka Aaron Manwaring) is a long-haired, cool older uncle to Greg McKeon (aka Joe Manwaring) and bespectacled Sammy Eros (aka Sammy Manwaring). Greg gets jealous of the time that Dante spends with his younger brother Sammy, but Dante has enough dick to go around. After raw-dogging Sammy while Greg watches, Dante switches and drills Greg’s hole, too. There’s no need for sibling rivalry when they have such a generous, affectionate uncle.

In a seasonally appropriate follow-up scene, the uncle and his nephews go on an adult trick-or-treating excursion and find a masked stranger who’s happy to be their cum dumpster in a spontaneous bareback orgy outdoors. Halloween really is the sexiest holiday.

“Family Dick 11” is so dirty you’ll almost feel guilty for enjoying it so much!

Starring: Wesley Woods, Felix Maze, Greg McKeon, Sammy Eros, Michael Reid, Dante Drackis
Studio: Bareback Network