Movie Review – Fun-Size Boys: Mark, Ch. 1-5

Watch Fun-Size Boys: Mark Chapters 1-5“Fun-Size Boys: Mark, Chapters 1-5” from Carnal Media, like other movies under the Fun Size Boys label, touches on a fetish known as microphilia. In these lightly kinky twink movies, a short little guy and a super tall guy will find each other and fall in deep lust, if not love. Compactly built, the twinks pack a lot of sex appeal into frames that are usually 5’4” or under. Their tops tend to be well over six feet tall. The match is made in sexual heaven for these horny partners!

Mark Winters lusts after the jocks at school who are all head and shoulders above him. Even though Mark feels like he’s never going to grow taller than 5’4”, he thinks he can turn this to his advantage—some of those bigger, stronger guys might like to throw him around in bed like a football. When he goes to Dr. Wolf’s office for an exam, the boy and his doctor can’t help being attracted to each other. Dr. Wolf, you see, is a perfect sexual match for Mark, because he’s huge and he’s got a hard-on for exceptionally petite guys.

The doctor and his patient have a couple of scorching hookups at the office and at home, each of them increasingly exciting. Mark’s small stature and Dr. Wolf’s long, muscular frame are an appealing contrast. The doctor’s huge hands each cover one of the boy’s firm butt cheeks, and his dick looks even bigger in that little mouth and ass. At last, Dr. Wolf and Mark decide that the ultimate turn-on would be an orgy with two other fun-size twinks (Ian Levine and Austin Young) and another tall man (Agent Dolf).

Totally bareback and with an eye for exquisite erotic details, “Fun-Size Boys: Mark Chapters 1-5” is an AEBN VOD exclusive from Carnal Media and Fun Size Boys. Whether you’re a microphiliac or you just love the age play aspect, you don’t want to miss a minute of this raw action.

Stars:   Mark Winters   Dr. Wolf   Agent Dolf   Agent Angus   Ian Levine   Austin Young
Studio Name:   Carnal Media  Fun Size Boys

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