Movie Review: More Than You Can Handle

More Than You Can Handle is accurately named in the sense that you’ll probably need multiple sittings to get through all of it, if you’re the kind who needs to recover after a good cum explosion. It’s definitely a good feeling to have more than you can handle when it comes to cum!


For the first scene of the film, Bel Ami set out for Cape Town, South Africa with the goal of filming the biggest circle jerk in the history of porn. The moaning of more than two dozen guys is enough to make you pop if you’re aurally inclined; add the spectacle of the 27 hung, horny studs they found to make this hedonistic display happen and it’s sensory overload in the best possible way. Of course, these guys are so hot there’s no way they can keep their hands to themselves. Soon they’re kissing, jerking each other off, and helping each other achieve their orgasms. Can you blame these guys?


Scene two is a Cape Town orgy starring the innocent-looking Kevin Warhol and thirteen other young studs. Kevin shyly but keenly watches the other guys suck cock. He and the cameraman exchange a few words before Kevin drops his pants and almost literally scurries out to join the other guys. Soon Kevin is getting his throat fucked like a champ! The orgy progresses with all the same delicious pleasure sounds as the preceding scene, but even better. Moaning, cock slurping, ass licking, spanking, and anal drilling all make for sounds and sights that will give you plenty of wank fuel.


In the final scene, filmed in Budapest, the production team and many of the guys on camera are new to the world of orgies on film. If you like your Euro hotties nice and fresh, this is a great scene for you! The nine guys are introduced in a cheeky, hilarious montage like something out of a 1970s variety show. Afterward, they’re all on a couch kissing and fondling each other’s bulging packages through their shorts.


These are truly some stunning men in all three scenes. You’ll recognize some of these faces if you’re a regular Bel Ami viewer, especially Florian Nemec and the Peters twins, Milo and Elijah. The sights and sounds of these three group scenes will be exciting enough for repeat viewings.

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