Movie Review: Offensively Large 4

Watch Offensively Large 4 on AEBNHave you ever seen a dick so massive that you weren’t just turned on, not just intimidated, but maybe even a little offended that someone could have the audacity to be that well-endowed? How very dare you, sir! It’s the stuff that gay porn is made of, and Bel Ami has turned it into a popular series. “Offensively Large 4” is the latest of that line, and if you’re a Euro porn lover, you already know to expect some of the most beautiful young men that the adult industry there has to offer. Joel Birkin, who’s a bona fide It Boy in the gay smut scene on the Continent, headlines the movie alongside sexy Kieran Benning. As a matter of fact, there’s not a guy in this bunch who doesn’t have a healthy fan base.

Jack Harrer, Marcel Gassion, and Peter Annaud begin the flick with a threeway scene that packs about three times as much masculine deliciousness as you’ll get in any gathering of three guys. The trio cuddles in close on the couch for a flirtatious chat and they can’t keep their hands off each other from the start. Soon the fondling turns to cock sucking, and we’ve got the reliably horny Marcel showing great versatility as he tackles the challenge of Peter first, and then Jack, and then both at once. Jack’s cumshot is so impressive we’ll be thinking about it for days.

Not to be satisfied with just one threesome, Jack Harrer joins Joel Birkin in welcoming new talent, a cutie named Arne Coen, to Bel Ami. What better way to induct a newbie than an XXL sausage party with two of the studio’s most beloved studs? Arne turns out to be quite the greedy and talented little bottom. A special shout-out is due to the camera crew for getting right up in there, too.

Six scenes of stunning twinks and twunks await you in “Offensively Large 4,” exclusively on our VOD theater!

Stars:   Joel Birkin   Kieran Benning   Kian O’Connor   Jason Clark   Jack Harrer   Marcel Gassion   Arne Coen   Helmut Huxley   Peter Annaud
Studio Name:   Bel Ami 

Watch Offensively Large 4 on AEBNWatch Offensively Large 4 on AEBN