Movie Review: Ripped ‘N Raw in Rip City

Filmed on location in Portland, Oregon, “Ripped ‘N Raw in Rip City” is Corbin Fisher’s latest showcase of good-looking American college guys having a great time fucking bareback.

Hot college hunks Chris and Eli get intimate and romantic in scene one. They share ice cream cones and then take their date to an exciting and inevitable conclusion: the bedroom. From licking frozen desserts to licking ass, Eli is skilled with his tongue. Chris is practically begging for Eli to fuck him after a long session of oral and rimming, and Eli happy to oblige. For these guys, the second dessert is hot and creamy!

Chris returns from scene one for an intense morning fuck with handsome Rocky, whose nine-inch uncut cock has made him a CF favorite. The two of them are a perfect pair as they suck each other’s dicks and fuck all over the bed, starting the day off perfectly. It’s always a great time when Chris and Rocky are onscreen together, because you can feel the erotic energy through the screen. Rocky gives Chris the pounding he needs, leading both men to shoot tasty-looking loads.

Up next in scene three, Rocky returns to bottom for the gorgeous Liam. Rocky’s facial expressions and body language alone are a turn-on as he’s clearly having the time of his life riding Liam’s cock in various positions. When Rocky is on top, his own dick stands tall and proud, like a granite monument pointing skyward. Liam’s amazing cock and fantastic topping skills make Rocky cum hard. Rocky excitedly eats all of Liam’s cum.

The sexy duo of Roman and Eli bring the show to a fantastic close. Eli and Roman are a fabulous match. Their natural attraction to each other during the Portland trip built up so much that by the time they finally got to fuck, they were ready to tear each other’s clothes off. Roman welcomes Eli to the CF roster by eagerly welcoming him into his ass! There’s nothing quite like just turning the camera on, pointing it at some hot guys, and letting them do what they want.

Take a virtual trip to the beautiful US Pacific Northwest with five stunning young jocks in “Ripped ‘n Raw in Rip City” from Corbin Fisher, now available to rent, stream, or download at our adult VOD theater.