Movie Review: Room Rendezvous

Watch Room Rendezvous on AEBN“Room Rendezvous” (Next Door Buddies, directed by Rocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile) is a delectable collection of scenes featuring hot young men with muscles and tattoos, and it’s so hot that we’re featuring it this week.

Elye Black (aka Dave from Corbin Fisher) and Scott Finn meet up for a festival and quickly decide on the best way to pass the time before the events begin. Scott can’t contain the bulge in his pants as he checks out Elye across the bed, and he has no trouble seducing his buddy. Elye takes out his fat dick and feeds it to his hungry companion, then barebacks him doggy style. After enjoying the dick up his ass for a while, the mood to top overcomes Scott and he wants Elye to mount him. Elye rides Scott’s hard cock all over the bed until he pops. Scott soon follows, blasting his fuck buddy with a huge load.

Porn newcomer Adonis Cole looks like he was sculpted from marble and Zak Bishop can’t contain his excitement to take his big dick. Zak has the ride of a lifetime and finds that Adonis lives up to his name, with all the sexiness, power, and sheer physical perfection that a thirsty bottom could ever want.

Alex Riley’s (aka Alex Rim) long-distance relationship is leaving him sexually deprived. His friend Trevor Laster helpfully offers him the solution of fucking him instead, making the case that technically, he won’t be cheating because he’ll be having sex with another man instead of another woman. Alex is surprised and almost says no, but when he feels Trevor’s hot mouth around his cock, he realizes that it’s been far too long since he got sucked. Then it leads to Alex balls-deep inside his buddy’s raw hole, pounding a load out of him.  Finally, after he sees how hard he made Trevor cum, Alex pulls out and plasters him with his own spunk.

Taking Dalton Riley’s raw dick in his hungry hole is the only score that Hoss Kado (aka Jared from Sean Cody) cares about after the football game, and the feeling is mutual. The two jocks enjoy some necessary roughness, and there’s a whole other kind of ball game when the jersey comes off and they hit the bed. Hoss demonstrates an ability to handle several positions, but one of the best is when he lifts his ass in the air to take a bareback drilling, piledriver style.

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Starring: Zak Bishop, Trevor Laster, Dalton Riley, Dave (Corbin Fisher), Scott Finn, Adonis Cole, Jared (Sean Cody), Alex Riley
Studio: Next Door Buddies

Watch Room Rendezvous on AEBNWatch Room Rendezvous on AEBNWatch Room Rendezvous on AEBNWatch Room Rendezvous on AEBN