Zak Bishop

Movie Review: Kinky Scenarios 2

Straight-acting men hook up with other men for incredible sex in “Kinky Scenarios 2” by Iconmale, this week’s featured movie.

Married white man Kyle Fletcher brings Asian twink Ethan Dale home for a fuck, leading him past his wife resting on a couch. They head to the bedroom, where Ethan pulls his shorts down just enough to reveal his smooth hole. On his hands and knees, Ethan excitedly bounces his muscular ass up and down while he waits. Kyle takes his time pulling his jeans down and rolling the condom onto his dick, as though he’s testing Ethan’s patience. Finally, just as Kyle is about to enter Ethan’s hole, Kyle’s wife gets up and comes to look for him. She’s ready for him to get her pregnant right this minute! Ethan dives below the bed, just out of sight. Kyle’s wife catches Kyle in bed, wearing nothing but his socks and a condom. “We won’t be needing that today,” she says as she pulls the condom off his dick and mounts him in reverse cowgirl position. Kyle shifts and turns so that his wife won’t notice the bare-assed twink trying to sneak away. (more…)

Movie Review: Yes, Father 7: Confession

For fans of religious porn, “Yes, Father 7: Confession” from Bareback Network is a profane delight. This new release stars Jay Tee, Jack Hunter, Dacotah Red, Joel Someone, and Zak Bishop.

Muscular dark blond Jay Tee is a young missionary and a student. One night, while he’s getting ready for bed, Father Jack Hunter interrupts his nightly prayer to offer his guidance through the difficult task of ridding himself of impure thoughts. The good father’s offer of being a release valve for his sexual fantasies is too good for Jay to turn down, so what follows is an unholy alliance that the church doesn’t need to know about. Father Jack worshipfully sucks Jay’s cock before opening up his ass for a hard, raw fuck.

Standing 6’6” with fiery ginger hair, Father Dacotah Red is one of the sexiest priests at the school, but his vows mean that his dirty thoughts have been a shameful secret. One day, he admits to Father Joel Someone that he’s been entertaining many dirty thoughts about the young men he teaches. To his relief, Father Joel not only relates to this problem from personal experience, but also will keep the secret as long as these two young, hot priests can indulge their impure gay lust together. (more…)

Featured Star: Zak Bishop

This week’s featured star, Zak Bishop, has earned a fan following with his lusty bottoming scenes ever since his porn debut in 2016. Zak is gorgeous from head to toe, with piercing blue eyes, a smooth tattooed chest, sculpted abs, fat cock, firm ass, and toned legs. He has worked for top studios such as Cockyboys, Icon Male, Falcon Studios, and NakedSword.

“Work Out My Dick” (Next Door Buddies) sees Zak joining Dakota Payne and Kyle Wyncrest in the locker room for an intense cardio session. This sweat-soaked bareback threesome will get your heart rate up, too.

Fetish porn lovers won’t want to miss “Zak Bishop Gets Sucked, Edged, and Fisted till He Blows” (KinkMen/Men On Edge). The highly descriptive title only scratches the surface of this rough, kinky, hour-long session with Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin. Zak is bound to a metal cross, his clothes cut and ripped from his body. When Sebastian slides a masturbator onto Zak’s big dick, you can see Zak fucking it in a frenzy, desperately trying to cum before Sebastian can pull it away. (more…)

Movie Review: Sex Therapy in the Raw

Watch Sex Therapy in the Raw on AEBNWhether it’s counseling or massage, “Sex Therapy in the Raw” sounds like the most fun way to experience self-care with another person. This new flick from Next Door Raw will make you believe in the healing powers of touch.

Colton Cain goes for a happy ending massage and is so new to it all that he lets hot, tattooed blond masseur Leo Luckett lead the way. Leo has gotten Colton hard with a full-body rubdown and now it’s time to apply his special oral technique. Colton gets the special full release treatment, which means that he gets to bend Leo over and fuck him bareback against the massage table. After fucking the jizz out of Leo, Colton pulls out and cums all over the massage therapist’s well-used hole.

After a devastating breakup, muscular stud Connor Halsted isn’t sure where he’s going wrong in his love life, so he takes a friend’s advice and goes to see a therapist. What he didn’t know when he booked the appointment was that Donte Thick takes an active, physical approach to counseling. (more…)

Featured Star: Zak Bishop

See Zak Bishop in action on AEBNSince his porn debut in 2016, Zak Bishop has become known and loved for his lusty bottoming scenes. He has become a favorite of top studios such as Icon Male, Next Door Entertainment, Cockyboys, and Kink Men.

Zak has done multiple scenes with the fetish studio, including “Fisted Till He Blows.” It’s an hour-long session of bondage, cock sucking, fisting, and edging that concludes with a voluminous load.

More recently, Zak gets a chance to find out if Adonis Cole lives up to his mythical name and his good looks in “Room Rendezvous” from Next Door Buddies. To Zak’s delight, it turns out Adonis has the sexual charisma and fucking skills that are worthy of the original Adonis from ancient Greece.

“The Pledge” from Falcon Studios, a recent release directed by Chi Chi LaRue and Tony DiMarco, shows just how far young frat wannabes are willing to go to join the fraternity that’s full of all the hottest men. Nic Sahara is a sexy freshman who asks Zak to sponsor his pledge. (more…)

Movie Review: Room Rendezvous

Watch Room Rendezvous on AEBN“Room Rendezvous” (Next Door Buddies, directed by Rocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile) is a delectable collection of scenes featuring hot young men with muscles and tattoos, and it’s so hot that we’re featuring it this week.

Elye Black (aka Dave from Corbin Fisher) and Scott Finn meet up for a festival and quickly decide on the best way to pass the time before the events begin. Scott can’t contain the bulge in his pants as he checks out Elye across the bed, and he has no trouble seducing his buddy. Elye takes out his fat dick and feeds it to his hungry companion, then barebacks him doggy style. After enjoying the dick up his ass for a while, the mood to top overcomes Scott and he wants Elye to mount him. Elye rides Scott’s hard cock all over the bed until he pops. Scott soon follows, blasting his fuck buddy with a huge load.

Porn newcomer Adonis Cole looks like he was sculpted from marble and Zak Bishop can’t contain his excitement to take his big dick. (more…)

Movie Review: Curious Neighbor

curious neighbor, next door raw, bareback, Markie More, Donte Thick, Ryan Jordan, David Strong, Roman Todd, Dante Martin, Zak Bishop, Chad PiperNext Door Raw has a new release for us this week that’s all about neighbors helping each other fulfill their needs… for hot, bareback man sex, that is. “Curious Neighbor” makes us want to live next door to these gorgeous horn dogs, too!

Ryan Jordan feels like someone’s been watching him, and one day he has his suspicions confirmed when he discovers Chad Piper naked in his closet. Rather than being creeped out, Ryan invites Chad to go from looking to touching—or risk getting reported to the cops. When Chad puts Ryan’s dick in his mouth, Ryan pushes his face down on it. Soon, Chad flips Ryan over and buries his face in that tantalizing ass. Once Ryan’s hole is wet and ready, Chad pushes his hard dick inside, fucking him deeper and harder as Ryan asks. Eventually, Ryan takes charge and rides on top, bouncing up and down. Ryan takes total control, shoving his raw cock inside Chad’s ass, making him pay for being a peeping tom. (more…)