Movie Review: Yes, Father 7: Confession

For fans of religious porn, “Yes, Father 7: Confession” from Bareback Network is a profane delight. This new release stars Jay Tee, Jack Hunter, Dacotah Red, Joel Someone, and Zak Bishop.

Muscular dark blond Jay Tee is a young missionary and a student. One night, while he’s getting ready for bed, Father Jack Hunter interrupts his nightly prayer to offer his guidance through the difficult task of ridding himself of impure thoughts. The good father’s offer of being a release valve for his sexual fantasies is too good for Jay to turn down, so what follows is an unholy alliance that the church doesn’t need to know about. Father Jack worshipfully sucks Jay’s cock before opening up his ass for a hard, raw fuck.

Standing 6’6” with fiery ginger hair, Father Dacotah Red is one of the sexiest priests at the school, but his vows mean that his dirty thoughts have been a shameful secret. One day, he admits to Father Joel Someone that he’s been entertaining many dirty thoughts about the young men he teaches. To his relief, Father Joel not only relates to this problem from personal experience, but also will keep the secret as long as these two young, hot priests can indulge their impure gay lust together. Father Dacotah takes great pleasure in bottoming for his handsome confidant.

Father Joel catches gorgeous young Zak Bishop breaking the school’s rules. In order to spare himself from the shame and disgrace of expulsion, the boy can atone if he submits to all of Father Joel’s orders and performs to the older man’s satisfaction. Father Joel orders Zak to suck his cock and bend over to receive his rod in front of the altar, and the boy excitedly does everything he’s told.

That sexual encounter only makes Zak feel even more turbulent and rebellious, but he knows that he has used up his last chance with Father Joel, so he turns to the confession booth for redemption from Father Dacotah. As the student confesses his sins, the horny priest sees the chance to act upon those longstanding impure thoughts that he told Father Joel about earlier. Zak isn’t too surprised to learn that there’s yet another dirty priest here at the school who’s willing to fulfill his fantasies. When he sees the priest stick his stiff penis through the confessional window like a glory hole, Zak can hardly contain his excitement. Soon the young hunks join each other on one side of the booth, where Zak backs up against Father Dacotah’s rod and takes a ride.

‘Yes, Father 7: Confession” from Bareback Network is brand new on our adult VOD theater for rental, download, and streaming.