Movie Review: Stoned and Boned

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DJ likes to party, to put it mildly. Treasure Island Media invited him to this shindig because they knew of his enthusiasm for all things 420, and they paired him up with big-dicked top Andy Arcade. It turns out to be a great match, because DJ can’t wait to feel that huge, tasty cock. Andy fucks like a jackhammer at times. (If he’s this energetic when he’s high, just imagine what he’s like sober.) After a vigorous, high-speed fuck, Andy quenches his thirst by licking the jizz from DJ’s crack. DJ is dazed and confused, but satisfied!

Cash Logan meets Timarrie Baker outside, where they toke on Timarrie’s one-hitter. Timarrie and Cash head upstairs, where they alternate between sucking, fucking, and toking. This is pretty much how Cash likes to live. Timarrie has plenty to feed Cash as far as dick goes—much more girth and length than Cash expected. High on cock and weed, Cash is like a fuck doll for Timarrie.

Social butterfly and big-time stoner Brian Bonds takes a trip out to Treasure Island with Seth Fisher, hotboxing all the way there. It’s a new adventure for the two muscular stoners, who are floating on the clouds by the time they get to the alley where they park. They start out fucking in the back of the SUV, which is still hazy from all the toking, but eventually the hotbox is too warm and they decide to fuck in the fresh air. At times they feel like they’re being watched, which just makes it more thrilling. Brian and Seth flip-fuck until their loads blow.

Zack Grayson is all about dabs and is excited to give his part-Maori boyfriend, Damien Kilauea, his first dabbing experience in their scene together. Damien is cock caged just for Zack, whose own dick is throbbing hard even after the dab. Floating on the most intense high of his life, Damien just wants Zack’s cock inside him. Zack dominates his boyfriend, drilling his ass and passing a hit into Damien’s mouth, and shooting a big load all over his backside.

A whole crew of stoners shows up to smoke out and have a gangbang with Brian and Damien, whose ass is still freshly fucked and full of Brian’s load. Including Troy Sparks, JD Daniels, Max Ferro, Maxxx Stark, and other muscular tops, there are twelve men in all. There’s plenty of haze in the air as the deep-throating, ass-rimming, hole-pounding action gets underway. Damien is so full of cum at the end that he’s completely blissed, and it’s not just the weed.

Aussie stud Chase Acland is a lot of man to handle and his ability to smoke is infamous, and Cash Logan is one of the only bottoms around who’s a match for him. Watch this hot scene for what’s called a moke: weed and tobacco mixed together.

There are some great bonus scenes and outtakes to close out the flick.

Full of sexy guys and a great time for anyone with a fetish for smoking, Stoned and Boned from Treasure Island Media is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Brian Bonds   Troy Sparks   Andy Arcade   Max Stark   Timarrie Baker   Chase Acland   Adam Ragan   Damien Kilauea   Max Ferro   Rob Fox   Dakota Hart   Cash Logan   Zack Grayson   Cesar Xes   Leon Fox   Jacob   Seth Fisher   J.D. Daniels   DJ
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

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