Movie Review: Summer in Prague

This week’s featured movie, “Summer in Prague” is a hot AEBN-exclusive release from Bel Ami that has us hanging on fondly to memories of a hot summer.

Superstars Bruce Querelle and Helmut Huxley are up first in a meeting of two versatile modern Bel Ami legends. If you think a scene with Bruce and Helmut together sounds like a dream come true, you’re right! Handsome Helmut has no trouble picking up beautiful Bruce with his nice car, yet the real ride is the one that happens when Bruce is up against the wall. It’s not every guy who can bottom for Helmut, but Bruce enjoys every second of the challenge. Both of these gorgeous models are at their best in a passionate scene that just lets them get right to some hot fucking with relatively naturalistic camera work spiced up with some great camera angles.

Super tall stud Ashton Montana is the kind of guy who lets his impressive physical presence do the talking most of the time. He’s good-looking and never fails to attract attention, like when Slovak cutie Elio Chalamet approaches him, pretending that he wants to find out firsthand whether Ashton’s dick is proportionally big. What Elio really wants, though, is the experience of topping a really tall guy. Ashton is up for it, since he doesn’t get to bottom all that often, and the result is an exciting bareback fuck.

Angelic sandy-blond Jarrod Lanvin is the subject of an ungovernable lot of Bel Ami boys who decide he needs to be taken down a few pegs. He and newcomer Cristiano Cruzo take on sharp-looking Czech Hans Lagerfeld, Slovak hunk Mario Texeira, Czech cutie Pip Caulfield, Elio Chalamet, and Ashton Montana in a blowbang. Jarrod and Cristiano are left humbled and facialized!

Next, sporty blond Slovak hunk Eluan Jeunet and brown-eyed cutie John Lennox have some one-on-one fun. At the time of filming John was brand new to porn, and he couldn’t have asked for a better scene partner to show him how to handle a huge dick. Eluan puts John through a rigorous fuck, leaving him all the better for the experience.

Derek Caravaggio is one of Bel Ami’s most popular models, and he’s well matched with Kieran Benning in the movie’s final scene that relies on a kinky power exchange between the two gorgeous young men. Kieran is a dominant top and Derek shows for the first time just what a submissive bottom he can be. We daresay that Derek thrives as a sub, with Kieran giving his greedy hole a workout he won’t soon forget. This rough sex scene is a perfect way to end the show.

Northern Hemisphere viewers can keep warm this autumn with “Summer in Prague” from Bel Ami, and those below the equator can celebrate the upcoming hot weather fun.