Movie Review: Young Perps 24: Interracial Edition

This week’s featured new release, “Young Perps 24: Interracial Edition,” is the latest in Bareback Network’s popular series about young criminals and bad boys getting what’s coming to them from the men who hold the power to keep them out of trouble.

When loss prevention officer Devin Trez suspects Troy Harlow of attempted theft, he brings the young guy back to the back room to question him. Troy denies it, but as soon as Devin leaves the room, Troy pulls the stolen goods out of his pants. Devin returns to find Troy holding the item and proceeds to search the young perp’s body inside and out. What will the security guard find in the boy’s throat? Is Troy hiding something else in his ass? There’s only one way to find out, and Devin is great at his job. Troy does everything Devin asks, from getting face fucked to taking a deep anal pounding. After all, Devin is a good-looking, muscular man who knows exactly how to use his big black cock.

Dylan Hayes has been hassled by some other guys, so he asks security guard Dillon Diaz to have his back. Dillon listens to Dylan’s predicament and decides not to get involved. It’s not his business if some guys are bullying Dylan. But Dylan knows that his oral skills will give the sexy, muscular officer some extra incentive, and frankly he wants to taste that BBC in Dillon’s pants. Dillon enjoys it, but it’s going to take more than a blowjob to persuade him. Dylan bends over and lets Dillon fuck him, after which the security guard is happy to protect this cute twink.

William Crown is a nosy janitor who takes a break from cleaning the loss prevention office to go snooping around in the paperwork. Officer Devin Trez busts the young custodian and makes sure he doesn’t plan to leak any of this information. First he questions William, then he does a full body search, including some anal probing with his fingers and huge dick. Let’s just say that this is one more case that will go in the classified files when Devin has a little fun with his job at snooping William’s expense.

Dillon Diaz and Dylan Hayes return as a campus security guard and a college student, respectively. This time, Dillon catches Dylan smoking. Dylan takes a tongue lashing from Dillon in more ways than one, because he will do anything not to get suspended or penalized in any way. Besides, this way he gets to find out what it’s like to get fucked by a campus cop.

Bareback Network’s “Young Perps 24: Interracial Edition” is available to rent, stream, or download now on our adult VOD theater.