The Omen of Damien Silver

The Omen Of Damien SilverKnightbreeders brings its spooky signature amateur porn style out to play big time in The Omen of Damien Silver, an interracial raw fuck fest that really gets you in the Halloween spirit.

Evil has come to visit Damien Silver and his fiends… er, friends, and they welcome it with open arms and assholes. It appears in the form of warlocks, demons, and the Devil himself. Every man in the film is dressed for Halloween and the scenery is filled with accoutrements such as an upside down crucifix and enormous black curtains or tapestries.

Most of the action is shot in extreme close-up on deep penetrations and freshly fucked buttholes winking out cream, but every so often you catch a glimpse of a skeleton mask or other outfit that reminds you this is no ordinary amateur porno.

Between scenes there are cuts from a 1922 film titled Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages. Images borrowed from that creepy classic include coffins, ghouls, and demons. It sets the stage for some fiendish fuckery that looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Horny Halloween, everyone!

Running Time:   86 minutes
Released:   09/2013
Studio Name:   KnightBreeders
Stars:   Damien Silver   Gael De Leo   Bruno 666   Nick Maken   Joe Cab   Cross   Salvatore Silva   Ben Dover   Ben   Christian Hunt   Zan Alexander
Categories: Amateur   Black   New Release   Interracial   Bareback   Anal   Pigs   Parody

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