The Young and the Hung

The Young and the Hung“The Young and the Hung” was director William Higgins’ first major porno and it’s been popular since its 1985 release. To see why, just look at the cast. The men in this movie from Catalina are all good looking and sexy!

First is cover boy Christopher Lance, who picks up hitchhiker Grant Fagin. Christopher wastes no time talking Grant into whipping out his dick. They pull onto a deserted road and climb into the bed of Christopher’s truck. Christopher’s dick jumps as he slobs Grant’s slightly curved cock, and soon Grant repays the kindness by rimming Christopher’s hairy hole before starting to fuck him. After seeing how Christopher enjoyed taking it in the ass, Grant gives up his ass cherry and Christopher cums again after fucking him. These boys enjoy each other’s assholes so much they make plans to do it again in a week.

At the diner/pool hall next to his hotel, Christopher sees cute, dark-haired Brian Estevez shooting balls around… on the pool table, that is. They meet in the bathroom, pleasure each other’s meaty packages through a gloryhole, and adjourn to Christopher’s room for a proper fuck. Dominant Christopher pounds Brian’s tan-lined ass. Brian cums, but Christopher isn’t done filling his hungry hole. After Christopher fucks him some more, Brian pops again as Christopher jerks out his own load. The new fuck buddies set up another date at the same diner in three weeks. Christopher will be a busy boy.

Tex Anthony and Ken Kerns pick up gorgeous hitchhiker Michael Gere and the pun-laced innuendo flies as Michael sees watermelons in the truck. They go to a barn where Tex and Ken’s planned jack-off contest becomes a threeway. Tex claims that fucking a hot watermelon is like fucking a pussy. As Ken fucks the melon that Tex holds in front of him, Michael starts fucking him in the ass. Clearly something of a watermelon fetishist, Tex sucks juice off Ken’s cock. Michael and Tex trade so Tex can fill Ken’s hole. They satisfy their post-sex hunger by eating watermelon. Is it better to fuck a melon or to eat it? Tex thinks sex with the juicy fruit is best.

In the most erotic scene, Michael lets long-distance bicyclist Troy Ramsey crash in the abandoned barn where he’s squatting. While Troy sleeps, Michael ogles him. Finally, Michael slips Troy’s shorts and underwear aside to lick his furry asshole, then cuts the garments at the crotch so he can easily get to the good stuff. Now awake, Troy gets on all fours so Michael can ride him “like a horse.” After a smoldering fuck, Troy notices his shorts have been cut and since his backpack got stolen, they’re his only pair. “I guess you’ll just have to stay here and be my slave,” Michael suggests. There are worse fates.

In a hotel room, dazzlingly beautiful Francois Papillon reads a letter as he gets undressed. Its contents, whatever they are, get him worked up enough to start masturbating and humping his pillows. He doesn’t know Michael has seen him from outside the building and is jerking himself off vigorously while watching Francois. Seeing this perfect specimen of masculinity spew goo sets off Michael’s own huge cumshot.

J.T. Denver wants to masturbate in peace, but mustachioed man Terry Evans and leather-gear-wearing Jim Erickson have other plans. They spot him and even though his self-play has turned them on, they decide to scare the shit out of him with a chainsaw. It turns out they all know each other, so all’s well that ends well with a threeway suck and fuck. Maybe J.T. should be more careful about where he decides to jerk off next time!

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