TIMSuckBest known for their bareback, Treasure Island Media gives you a taste of something different with this new blowjob-centric release, “Suck Vol. 1” – a compilation of exclusive scenes from the TIMSuck website.

Fans of the TIM gangbang won’t be disappointed in the opening offering from the film, which sees Daxx Maxxon take on Dan Fisk and eight other cum-spurtin’ dudes in a big blowbang.

Daxx starts his feast with Dan Fisk’s monster dick, giving it all the worshipful attention it demands, before moving on to Dick and John. Cockwhore Daxx switches between them, trying to get both in his hungry mouth at the same time before settling on Dick’s meaty rod. As the others watch with envious anticipation of their turn, Daxx coaxes out a thick, gooey load. And this is only the beginning.

Accompanying the group scenes for which TIM is well known are also some fantastic one-on-ones where the chemistry just really works. In one, eager li’l cockhound Cody goes down on Gordon’s considerable meat.

There are some great lines like “I can’t even gag on it ’cause it’s too wide”. Even so, he gives it his best, licking and slurping and taking as much of Gordon’s massive rod into his mouth as humanly possible.

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