Fired Up

Fired UpFired Up is a tale of what happens when a whole bunch of guys are too busy fucking to talk when their boss calls their phones. Those who bother to answer are quick to make an excuse to hang up and get back to having sex. If you were naked with a guy like any of these, you wouldn’t want to be interrupted either.

Tanned and hung hottie Daniel Dias engages in heavy sucking with hot bottom Marco Sessions. They get into one of the hottest sixty-nine positions you’re likely to see all year, including rimming as well as cock sucking. Daniel’s thick dick soon moves from Marco’s mouth to his delectable ass. The scene only seems to get hotter when Daniel slows down to keep himself from popping too soon, because that’s how much he’s enjoying Marco. After taking Daniel’s load in his mouth, Marco sprays the camera lens with it.

Giovanne Cruz is a gorgeous, muscular Brazilian who’s deeply kissing hairy-chested bottom Scott Hunter at the beginning of the scene. Next, Giovanne gets Scott’s asshole wet and ready. On the rug, Giovanne pummels that greedy hole so intensely that Scott just gives in and lets himself be made into a fuck toy. After a fuck that thoroughly satisfies the guys as well as anybody who hasn’t already shot their load just watching them, Giovanne yanks off the condom and gives Scott more than a mouthful of his hot cum.

Sexy Damian Boss and Leo Domenico are both bearded, smooth-bodied, and hung like donkeys. Damian’s dick gets bigger and bigger in Leo’s attentive mouth, until Leo’s ass in the air signals that he’s ready for Damian to use his other hole. Damian readies him with two fingers but soon he can’t wait to replace them with his fat, beautiful cock. Lucky Leo! They fuck in such synchronized give-and-take that it’s almost like a dance – one that ends in two big loads.

Muscular Yohann Banks calls in sick. If you were getting an amazing rim job from a guy like Ben Statham, then you’d play hooky too. Ben is all muscle with a shaved head and sexy tattoos. He seems to be getting as much pleasure out of licking Yohann’s asshole as Yohann is getting from receiving. Their sucking and fucking is equally enjoyable for both studs and for you as the viewer.

Sometimes a man just needs time away from work so he can indulge in a hot, cum-splashing fuck.

Stars:   Leo Domenico   Scott Hunter   Ben Statham   Daniel Diaz   Giovanne Cruz   Yohann Banks   Marco Sessions   Damian Boss
Categories: New Release   Euro   Muscles   International   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   84 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Eurocreme
Director:   Jack Jones

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