Freaks 5

Freaks 5 The latest installment of the Freaks series features another crew of cute, hot gluttons for cum and piss showing off their skills and being richly rewarded with the juices they so crave. This line of movies is well known as one of the most popular Euro imports for the fetish crowd. Just a few minutes of the first scene is enough to get you hooked just like all the others who have discovered “Freaks 5” from Wurstfilm, distributed by Dark Alley Media.

Through a gloryhole in a dirty public toilet, a guy with a pierced septum is giving a thorough tonsil job to a raging black dick, making it drip with his spit. He keeps peeking up through the hole as if trying to see who has such a tasty cock. Then a white guy pokes his veiny, uncut hard-on through the hole in the other wall and our freak ecstatically worships, deep throats, and jerks both cocks until ball juice gushes forth. Just as he’s wiping cum off his face, another guy shows up offering him piss – it’s our freak’s lucky day! They have some hot golden shower and other piss play action, including when the recipient spits it back out onto the pisser’s torso. This foreplay leads to a bareback fuck and then a threeway when Marcel Hoffman shows up. But first, he has plenty of his own piss to hose down the freak! The two tops stuff their pig at both ends and he couldn’t be happier. After Marcel aims his load onto his friend’s cock, it gets used as extra lube to keep fucking the piggy bottom. After receiving his ass-fucker’s load, our happy freak settles on the floor to jerk out his own long-awaited release. He scoops up all the cum he sees and eats it.

Sexy Peto Coast, naked but for his aviator shades, has a crew of wannabe Freaks Clan initiates waiting to suck him off. One after the other, they pay oral tribute to his mighty cock and balls. A double blowjob ramps up the temperature with lots of tongue-flickering, two-sided shaft licking action! Then it gets even better, if possible, when a third wannabe Freak emerges to help worship Peto’s body. With so many mouths available, now Peto’s nipples and pits get plenty of attention as well as his cock! Peto can’t delay his orgasm any longer, so he divides it evenly between the three thirsty mouths.

There is plenty more action backstage and then onstage when a hip hop crew shows up for a gig in the club. The groupie scene is still alive and well! Peto Coast returns for a frenzied onstage sexual performance, with the band’s accompaniment. You really don’t want to miss it!

Come down from the excitement with an intimate scene featuring Michael Shade lighting up a cigarette and giving a very hot solo performance before another guy arrives to get his cock sucked. Michael is a chain smoker and even pisses into his own mouth. He and his friend make a real mess with all the cum and piss everywhere, but it’s a scene that hits at least three kinks so it’s a great way to close the show.

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