Fuck Me Like An Animal

Fuck Me Like An AnimalThe Maverick Men seem to have been inspired only by their costar when they named Fuck Me Like An Animal, and not a line from Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” Just one look at the massively hung Davis, a returning star for MaverickMan22 Productions, is all it takes to understand why they’ve brought him back more than once. The fans love Davis and so do Cole and Hunter.

Davis has more going for him than just that monster cock. With a gorgeous smile and big eyes the color of sapphires, he’s ruggedly handsome. His firm cheeks surround a hole that is not only hairy, but also hungry. That’s because Davis is quite a versatile fucker. He gets buck wild when he’s topping and, if possible, he’s even more savage as a bottom. One of the Maverick Men’s favorite pastimes is getting tops to give up their assholes to them – even better if it means getting to pop some hot cherry boy ass. Davis loves letting Cole and Maverick breed his hole, so when the three of them get stuck in traffic while coming home from a party, they avail themselves of a friend’s open garage door and slip inside for a threeway.

It’s so hot to watch these three sexy guys fuck each other till they’re spent!

Stars:   Davis   Hunter “Maverick Man”   Cole Maverick   The Maverick Men
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Big Dick   Mature   Bareback   Anal   Threeway   DILF
Running Time:   40 minutes
Released:   12/2012
Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions
Director:   Maverick Man

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