House Party

 House PartyHouse Party is your personal invitation to look in on all the sexual shenanigans at a frathouse party.

In scene one we walk in on Triston Durden and Brandon Riggs, who are about to get it on. They make the camera operator promise not to tell anyone and proceed to have a long, sexy blowjob session that we get to watch. This one will thrill those who like to hear all the action, as it almost sounds like Triston has a microphone hidden under his balls.

Triston and Bray Love are naked and kissing on a bed when the camera guy walks in on them. Just a couple of minutes later, Triston’s friend Brandon from scene one enters and is shocked to find he’s not the only one having some fun in the frathouse with Triston. He decides to join them for an incredibly hot oral daisy chain. Finally, the others talk Triston into giving up his anal cherry on camera. Brandon’s the one who does the honors while Bray watches.

Stefan Nash has a face so gorgeous it could stop you in your tracks. Danny McCoy is just about to enter his ass when their scene begins. Stefan slowly jerks his cock with a look of pleasure and pain as Danny pounds away at him.

In the kitchen, the cameraman finds Brandon “entertaining” two dark-haired studs, the taller jock Nicky Norway and the more twinkish Trey Bently. Their kissing soon turns into cock sucking in various configurations. It’s hottest of all when Nicky and Trey do a bit of jousting in Brandon’s dick-hungry mouth and later when Trey and Brandon do the same to Nicky. If you’re into guys who are straight or seem to be, then you’ll really get off on watching Nicky get face-fucked and beg for cum all over his face. This is the longest scene, but every minute is worth it for oral fans.

Bray is studying anatomy in a bedroom with Jackson Miller while the party rages on. Of course, it’s a more hands-on approach and one that qualifies as its own little private party. Jackson is impressed by Bray’s oral skills, and no wonder, since he’s had some practice earlier in the evening. After a good long cock sucking session, Jackson gives Bray a long, hot fuck in the ass.

Stars:   Bray Love   Jackson Miller   Aaron Anderson   Danny McCoy   Brandon Riggs   Triston Durden   Stefan Nash   Trey Bently   Nicky Norway
Categories: New Release   Fratboys   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   118 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   FratMale
Director:   Joe Serna

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