Jason Adonis the Collector’s Edition

Jason Adonis The Collector's Edition

Beautiful Jason Adonis was an exclusive performer for Jet Set Men at the time when this movie was made. “The Collection” compiles some of the beefy stud’s best bits from his all too brief time with the studio.

In a scene from “Man of the Year,” Jason tells Marc Stone he’s one video short of the five titles necessary to be nominated for Jet Set Man of the Year. Marc angrily rips open his shirt. He’s not hulking out – he’s showing the body he believes should get him the title. Marc is short, but he’s built. He strips to show off the rest of his body, matched only by Jason’s. Even though Jason says he can’t promise anything, he’ll accept a Man of the Year-worthy blowjob from the tongue-pierced Marc. Jason’s too excited not to fuck that ass, and the men kiss extremely erotically before Jason bends Marc over and has his way. You’ll have to overlook some awkward dialogue, but it’s porn, not Shakespeare. Besides, the tongue action and cumshots in this scene are smoking and both men have bodies like gods.

Jason and Antonio Banderass are next in a scene from “Mirage.” Antonio is already sucking Jason’s dick in a hot tub as it starts, and soon they switch places for a while until Jason decides he wants in that tight little hole. Bent over, Antonio really gets into having his ass fucked! There’s a strong voyeuristic tone to this scene that makes it even hotter.

In another “Man of the Year” scene, svelte blond Anthony Shaw demands to know why he’s not nominated. He makes his case, first by verbally reminding Jason of his skills, and then more importantly by demonstrating them. After all, Jason’s never worked with Anthony so he needs proof. Anthony kisses Jason’s body before getting down and sucking. When Jason enters his ass, Anthony proves to be the most natural and vocal performer of all the men in the flick, and he fondles Jason and tugs on his nipples while being fucked. When Anthony cums, his load is big and creamy, soon followed by a second burst of spunk! After adding his own cum to the mess, Jason excitedly proclaims that he’ll do whatever he can to get Anthony on the list of nominees, even if it means someone else is off.

Jake Rodgers interrupts Jason’s self-fondling on a workout bench in the Jet Set warehouse to apply for a job in a scene from “Warehouse Sex.” Jason finds an application and invites him to stay and fill it out while he gets back to working out – for real this time. Of course, Jake’s too distracted to do the application and besides, Jason decides he’ll give him an audition on the spot. Jake’s shy at first but he has a great face, body, and dick. He claims never to have sucked dick before, but he does such a good job that Jason thinks he must have at least practiced. Jason shows him how a Jet Set man sucks cock. Then it’s time for Jake to be tested on his other skills, from rimming to receiving a dick up the ass, and he passes the audition with flying cum!

Jason has another go at Marc Stone in a “Mat Attack” scene. We see a lot more of the competitive relationship between them this time, and it results in an even hotter scene. They spend a good bit of the time wrestling to decide who will get fucked in the ass, with a few breaks for cock sucking. In the end Jason manages to emerge the victor and his prize is to fuck Marc.

“Jason Adonis the Collection” is your only chance to see most of these scenes on VOD now. You don’t want to pass it up, especially if you miss his muscles!

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