Johnson’s Mean Streak

Johnson's Mean StreakIf these On the Hunt/Parole Him videos are any indication, then Officer Johnson’s office has seen as much sex as the men’s room at your local gay bar. This time around, in Johnson’s Mean Streak, the officer spends his lunch break sucking and fucking the hour away with various muscular young men who got on the wrong side of the law.

These parolees are all straight guys who don’t even believe what’s happening when their parole officer tells them what they have to do if they want to stay out of jail. But they’re desperate to stay out from behind bars, so all of them suck, fuck, and lick man ass for Officer Johnson’s enjoyment… and they do it all with no condoms. It’s good to be the officer in times like this, and who wouldn’t be tempted to abuse a position of authority with such studs at your mercy?

Anybody who has a thing for cops or bad boys, either way, will get a thrill out of these amateur str8 bait videos. With about an hour and fifteen minutes’ worth of hidden camera footage that’s too hot for those true crime TV shows, Johnson’s Mean Streak is the perfect indulgence for a fetish.

Running Time:   75 minutes
Released:   08/2010
Studio Name:   On The Hunt  Parole Him
Stars:   Officer Johnson
Categories: Fetish   Muscles   Bareback   Cops   Anal   Hidden Camera   Str8 Bait   High Definition

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