Movie Review: “Cum Junkie,” Treasure Island Media

liam cole, cum junkie, treasure island media, tim, orgy, gangbang, gay, bareback, Mario Domenech, Alexx Desley, Balthazar, Antonio Miracle, Gabriel Fisk, Valentino Delta, Freddy Miller, Jessy Karson, Brad Tyler, Sam Porter, Drew Sebastian, Nathan Gear, Dolf Dietrich, VladTreasure Island Media has a long-awaited new movie this week, one that has won loads and awards already. Cum Junkie from director Liam Cole features a large, hot cast of British, European, and American men who have a love for cum that could fairly be considered an obsession, even an addiction. Hard cocks and hot loads rule their world.

Canadian top Jessy Karson takes British bottom Nathan Gear out into a junkyard, where the dirtiest thing is the surprise sex that Jessy springs on Nathan. Jessy’s got a one-track mind when it comes to fucking, and Nathan, though he wasn’t expecting this, is eager to open his hungry hole for this hot fucker!

Gorgeous, tattooed, pierced Dutch bottom Alexx Desley is in the basement of a meatpacking plant that can only be described as a sex dungeon. Two tops in ski masks have him where they want him—where he wants to be: on all fours with a cock at each end. Alexx gets totally dick drunk as these two thick fuck sticks ream him and then fill him with hot cum!

Mario Domenech and Antonio Miracle are two Spanish studs and Dolf Dietrich is an American porn icon. Their threeway is a wet dream of sweaty skin, tangled limbs, pumping cocks, and gaping holes. Everyone fucks and everyone gets fucked in this epic flip-fucking ménage a trios. It almost seems choreographed, the way they seem to blend together like a pornographic Escher illustration until they all drain their balls into all three holes. Mario, Antonio, and Dolf truly create a sexual masterpiece.

Dolf returns for scene four with his fellow hot, bearded, American gay porn legend Drew Sebastian and a lucky British bottom named Freddy Miller. Drew and Dolf take turns fucking Freddy at first, but then once he’s warmed up, they decide to find out just how much dick Freddy’s asshole can fit. All of their relentless ramming gets everyone quite worked up, and it feels so incredible that Dolf and Drew experience explosive orgasms at the same time! They pull out and free a flood of cum from Freddy’s hole.

The dramatic finale to this jizz-obsessed flick is a sex party in London that stars the Cum Junkie himself, Gabriel Fisk, taking Brad Tyler, Sam Porter, Balthazar, Pro, and Valentino Delta in every hole as they treat him like a human cum dump. They fill him up with so much seed that even the Cum Junkie is satisfied… for now! Treasure Island Media broadcast this gangbang live on its free Fuckroulette chat room, aka its “jack-off room.” Now they’ve made the whole thing available for those who missed it, or those who want to see it in all its sloppy, sweaty, cummy glory again!

Cum Junkie has been several years in the making and it was worth the wait. Now you can stream it exclusively on AEBN’s VOD theater!

Stars:   Mario Domenech   Alexx Desley   Balthazar   Antonio Miracle   Gabriel Fisk   Valentino Delta   Freddy Miller   Jessy Karson   Brad Tyler   Sam Porter   Drew Sebastian   Nathan Gear   Dolf Dietrich   Vlad
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

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