Movie Review: Daddy Heaven

Watch Daddy Heaven on AEBNDaddies and the guys who love them are here for some bareback bliss in “Daddy Heaven” from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club. This VOD exclusive is packed with wall-to-wall sucking and fucking that rewards you with so much fuck for the buck, you’ll think you have gone to daddy heaven, too.

Adrian Hart, a hot young Black stud, is paired up with Logan Stevens, a muscular ginger daddy. This interracial duo gets things going by making out on the bed. Adrian kisses his way down Logan’s furry torso and then sucks his stiff cock. Logan puts his hands on the back of Adrian’s head and skull fucks him while Adrian lies on his stomach, popping his bubble butt upward. Soon Logan takes the invitation to anal play and starts tongue-bathing Adrian’s hole. The two of them alternate between rimming and oral sex, including some hot 69 action. Just when no one can take the teasing for another moment, Logan sinks his cock into Adrian’s eager ass. The fire and intensity of this scene is undeniable.

Tyler Roberts is a moderately beefy daddy and Jon Thomas a sleek pup with some facial hair. The two of them are really hot for each other—Tyler can’t get enough of Jon’s hot hole, and Jon is in ecstasy whether Tyler is fucking his mouth or his ass.

Bald, sexy daddy Drew Sebastian has one hell of a great time with the devilishly gorgeous Max Adonis (who’s looking extra fine with his beard, less twunky and a little more hunky). There’s a potent energy between the two of them as they rather quickly get to the fucking. Between positions, Max gets Drew’s dick wetter with some hungry sucking. It’s a hard-driving, exciting way to lead into the grand finale.

Scene four closes the show in epic fashion with an all-daddy, four-way orgy starring Owen Hawk, Ryan Carter, Donnie Argento, and Pup Digger. If it’s a daddy heaven you want, you’ll find it with this divine quartet of mature studs. Everywhere you look, there’s something to feast your eyes on in this epic conclusion to one of RFC’s hottest flicks.

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Stars:   Adrian Hart   Owen Hawk   Logan Stevens   Drew Sebastian   Tyler Roberts   Ryan Carter   Max Adonis   Donnie Argento   Pup Digger   Jon Thomas 
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club

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