Movie Review: Dark Alley Breeders

dark alley breeders, raw fuck club, Seth Santoro, Rikk York, Declan Moore, Darin Silvers, Dustin Steele, Osiris Blade, Jack Andy, Phoenix FellingtonAt the strip club, men get so horny they need an immediate release. Some of them like to head out back to the alley, where they jerk their big dicks and attract other horny fuckers. It’s a hotspot for hookups, as all of these Dark Alley Breeders (Dark Alley Media) know.

Seth Santoro heads to the alley and leans against a steel drum, where he pulls out his engorged cock and begins to stroke it. After a moment, Latin stud Rikk York emerges and stands a few feet away, jerking himself until their bodies silently meet. They don’t have to say a word, just strip naked and begin to kiss and suck. After some ass rimming, Seth and Rikk are just getting down to the fucking when scruffy young blond Declan Moore walks up several minutes later, hanging back and peeping on them until they make it a threesome. Soon, Declan is on his back atop the drum, getting bred. Each guy takes his turn bottoming, because there’s plenty of cock and ass (and piss and cum) to go around.

Sexy black stud Phoenix Fellington heads out to the alley behind the club for a smoke break. Soon he notices studly Jack Andy hanging around, looking like he wants some of that BBC. Tossing the cigarette, Phoenix pulls out his and Jack’s dicks, copping a good feel. Phoenix feeds his huge black cock to Jack, who eagerly takes as much of it down his throat as possible. Jack’s meat is also a hefty serving size and Phoenix loves the taste of it. Eventually, Jack lies back on a rug draped over a pile of tires and Phoenix pounds his bubble butt until cum flies.

Bearded southern stud Dustin Steele is getting married tomorrow and he’s having one last night at the strip club. Out back in the alley, he tells his friend Osiris Blade how much he’s going to miss these nights at the club. Osiris, a handsome black stud with chiseled abs and powerful thighs, points at Dustin’s crotch and says “I’m gonna miss that.” Dustin decides to have one last night of interracial fucking before he says goodbye to his bachelor days. The two buddies take turns sucking each other’s big dicks and then flip-fucking. Does Dustin’s wife-to-be really need to know?

When Phoenix Fellington throws an inebriated Darin Silvers out of the strip club, there’s a lot of horny energy that Darin needs to work out of his system. All those adult beverages and all that naked flesh on display have really worked Darin up into a state, and Phoenix is happy to suck the straight guy off and let him fuck his hot black ass until they both blow their loads.

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Stars:   Seth Santoro   Rikk York   Declan Moore   Darin Silvers   Dustin Steele   Osiris Blade   Jack Andy   Pheonix Fellington
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club 

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