Movie Review: Dirty Intern

Whether you have a doctor/medical fetish or you’re just looking for gorgeous, muscular men fucking bareback, “Dirty Intern” from Hot House Entertainment will be an excellent way to treat your swollen cock. Directors Jasun Mark and Trenton Ducati have chosen a seriously sexy cast of men who

Cade Maddox isn’t a real doctor. He just plays one when he’s trying to fuck Eric Rey. Eric, a sexy newcomer in the industry, has an appointment for a checkup that gets far more intimate than he expected, but you don’t see him complaining as Dr. Cade’s strong hands and even stronger cock explore his ass.

Michael Boston is an intern who feels an irresistible attraction to a gorgeous patient, Arad Winwin. Who wouldn’t flood their basement when such a handsome Persian stud is making it clear he wants to fuck? Arad might have his arm in a brace, but that doesn’t limit his mobility at all when it’s time to plow into his physician’s incredible bubble butt.

Devin Franco comes to see the doctor because he needs to get some large anal beads out of his ass. Rather than judging him for this embarrassing problem, Felix Fox is a doctor with an excellent bedside manner. Of course, being a versatile type of stud, Devin can’t help repaying Felix’s kindness. Hopping off the examination table and putting the doctor up there on his back, Devin proceeds to play with Felix’s hole and play with his hole before fucking him raw.

Isaac Parker is lucky to encounter a helpful receptionist, Tristan Hunter, when he goes to his doctor’s office. Rather than having to wait around for an available doc or pay for a visit, Isaac gets immediate relief for his long-lasting erection thanks to Tristan’s blowjob and bottoming. Watching these two lookalike studs go at it right there on the floor in the reception area will have your own dick rising, your own load releasing.

For Isaac, more than one treatment will be necessary. He sees Doctor Devin Trez, who tells the patient to drop his pants for a rectal exam. Using his gloved fingers, Dr. Devin explores Isaac’s ass for a moment and decides to get in closer with a rimjob, bending the patient’s legs from one side to another to make sure every part of his pucker is licked. After Isaac is fully warmed up and ready, Devin pushes his big black cock inside and shows the patient the benefits of an active sex life, complete with prostate stimulation.

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