Movie Review: Fratboy Layovers

Waiting on a flight can be so boring, but the horny college guys of Fratboy Layovers know how to pass the time. This hardcore collection of scenes gives new meaning to the term “layover.”


Cute blonde twink Luke Allen and his slightly older, jockish friend Randall O’Reilly are both models who have a few hours to kill before either of them can catch a flight. They decide to pass the time by doing a video interview. Luke asks Randall how his scenes went and talk quickly turns to how hot it would have been if they could’ve had a scene together. Well, why not do one now, since they have nothing to do for a while? They kiss and strip each other with an energy that speaks of genuine attraction. Randall nearly gags himself on Luke’s big cock and then turns his attention to eating that little ass, getting it ready to spread open with his own sizable dick. Luke hops on for a ride that he’ll remember while flying home from his time in Porno Land!


After his flight is overbooked, Nicholas Nash has to wait around for hours in the studio. Good thing the studio’s resident little blond office hottie Kyle Ross is there to keep him company, but he’ll only do it if Nicholas is “a little nicer.” Nicholas knows how to treat Kyle nicely indeed – he talks Kyle into putting off his emails for some fun. Soon they’re making out and Kyle is taking off the darker haired stud’s jeans to suck what’s inside. Nicholas eats Kyle’s ass and pronounces it delicious: “You taste good, office monkey!” Then he fucks that little tight ass and it feels so good that Nicholas soon forgets how irritated he was just moments earlier about being bumped from his flight.


At the bus stop, cute blond Jacobey London offers to take Link Aaron home to pass the time while he waits for his flight. Deciding he can always catch a later bus to the airport, Link goes home with Jacobey and shows him some tenderness, especially in the way he licks those cute little nipples. Link’s mouth is soft and sweet as he lovingly goes down on Jacobey. In response, Jacobey sucks Link to hardness and gets on for a ride. Link pounds Jacobey in a couple of positions, but it’s in missionary that the super-twink bottom cums with gusto.


That night Kyle comes home to his jock boyfriend, Paul Pratt, who angrily reminds him that he was supposed to make dinner. Kyle explains that he had to “entertain” one of the models and Paul, understanding exactly what that means, demands to be entertained in the same way. Paul’s aggressive, dominant style is incredibly hot and will be a turn-on for anybody who likes the straight-seeming fratboy types. After pushing Kyle’s head down on his rampant erection, Paul sucks and rims the little twink, but it’s not time for him to get fucked yet. Paul makes Kyle work for it some more, even holding the twink upside down to blow him some more, before giving the blond “studio monkey” an aggressive pounding in the ass.

These sexy twinks and fratboys are mostly new to porn, and we hope to see a lot more of them all!


Stars:   Kyle Ross   Randall O’Reilly   Nicholas Nash   Link Aaron   Paul Pratt   Jacobey London   Luke Allen

Categories: New Release   Jocks   Twink   Fratboys   Anal   Compilation   Safe Sex   High Definition

Running Time:   93 minutes

Released:   02/2012

Studio Name:   Helix Studios  Frat Boy

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