Movie Review: NakedSword Originals’ “Ultra Fan”

ultra fan, gay, porn, nakedsword, naked sword, brent corrigan, jack hunter, sean duran, dominic pacifico, dorian ferro, calvin banksNakedSword Originals, the 2017 XBIZ Gay Studio of the Year, has just released Brent Corrigan’s instant classic, Ultra Fan. The beloved Falcon Studios exclusive stars in, wrote, and directed this hot and wild feature.

Superstar Brent Corrigan has been doing live webcam shows, and tonight he’s going to use a huge dildo. He didn’t expect a scheming, obsessed fan to hijack his show with outrageous blackmail material as a way to force him to take a real dick again on camera.

Brent has just sat down and started to stroke himself when an ominous message appears on the screen, telling him to answer his phone and find the package that’s been left for him. When Brent is shown the incriminating material, he has no choice but to do everything he’s told or he’ll never work again. When pizza boy Calvin Banks shows up, he is to seduce the boy and make the fan happy with his performance.

Tasty twink Calvin Banks has extra sausage for Brent, who sets the camera on the table so everyone can watch them take turns sucking and fucking. Brent bends Calvin over the pool table and fucks him first, and finally it’s Brent’s turn to ride the pizza boy until he jizzes on Calvin’s face. It’s got to be this pizza boy’s best tip ever!

However, the #1 fan has further requests. First he must strap a monitoring device to his ankle and perform ever more unusual sex acts while his ultra fan and all the other webcam viewers watch. Brent is shown a live feed of his assistant, Jack Hunter, bounded and gagged and then coerced into kinky sex. Burly Sean Duran puts Jack through it, paddling his tasty ass and teasing him with an electric wand. Sean fucks Jack’s face and then his hole, and the two of them swallow each other’s cum, all while Brent watches and jacks off so his fans can see.

Brent’s #1 fan still isn’t satisfied. Now Brent’s task is to invite two of his fans over for a threesome. Dorian Ferro (another Falcon Exclusive) and Dominic Pacifico are the lucky fans who get to play with their superstar porn crush tonight. Brent films the action as Dorian takes a double dicking in his mouth and then gets spit-roasted. Alternating between directing and getting involved in the action, Brent starts to enjoy all of this in spite of the situation, and maybe his fan is right: he does belong back in porn, fucking and getting fucked, and not just jacking off on a webcam.

Finally Brent breaks away and runs to find Jack. He discovers who’s behind this scheme and why. Just as importantly, he realizes how he truly feels about Jack, and even though Brent has had quite a busy night, he still has the energy and cum left for a romantic reunion with the man he loves. Jack feels the same way and he’s got a huge erection to prove it. At the beginning of the night Brent was going to try and take on a bigger dildo than he’s ever experienced, but now he has the real thing and that’s always more fun!

Ultra Fan is the latest and definitely one of the greatest releases from NakedSword Originals. We especially recommend it to Brent Corrigan and Jack Hunter fans, but even if you don’t already have the hots for them, you will after this. Get into it even before scenes two through four are available from NakedSword’s own website!

Stars:   Brent Corrigan   Dominic Pacifico   Sean Duran   Dorian Ferro   Jack Hunter   Calvin Banks
Studio Name:   NakedSword Originals