Movie Review: Sage’s Raw World

Sage's Raw WorldI remember when I first saw Sage’s Bareback Weekend, I couldn’t believe I’d never really heard of Sage Daniels before watching that title. The hot Latin stud — who was a stripper and performer from Salt Lake City, Utah before making his porn debut in 2009 — quickly became a favorite.

I went and found all his performances with studios such as Red Stag Video and Treasure Island Media and learnt from his many bareback performances that this was one kid who was a raw sex fan.

His tattoos are gorgeous, he’s clean-cut and he’s also known to both top and bottom — who doesn’t love a versatile performer? Apparently he still strips, but his films have left me with little doubt about where his talents lie. Sage’s Raw World, a new release from Dirty Dawg Productions, is your proof of that.

One of Sage’s real assets is that he has one of the most fluid topping styles despite not being particularly well hung. The motion he puts into stuffing a raw hole with his cock sends shivers down my spine. Scenes three and four in this film — the latter of which features a fantastic spit roast threeway — are where this is most evident.

Of course, many like seeing this top gun get topped and you get your chance in scene two. How one man can be equally sexy in either position like Sage is, is a testament to his performance skills.

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