Movie Review: Scout Boys

Watch Scout Boys on AEBN“Scout Boys” is the latest release from Carnal Media, a studio that’s known and loved for delivering forbidden fruit by the bushel. This time, the studio is amplifying that with a heavy dose of uniform fetish.

The boys in these scenes are quickly becoming men, and they put their trust in beloved scout leaders to mentor them into manhood. When the energetic and virile young scouts are curious about what to do with the sexual feelings coursing through their bodies, it’s up to the older men to show them how to work their muscles, including the ones down below. The boys are lucky to have such experienced and caring Daddy figures to show them how to have a great first time.

First, we see Scoutmaster Killian Knox giving some guidance to the innocent but eager Jack Andram in his office. Jack is happy to feel Scoutmaster Knox’s strong hands exploring his slender young body, probing his tight hole and stroking his big dick at the same time, and finally sucking a big load out of him.

Austin Young, one of the cutest twinks in the Carnal Media world, is next to enter the office. Tall, powerful Scoutmaster Dolf Dietrich gets very hands-on and adventurous with the boy, including a hot sequence in which he’s got Austin’s ass in the air, piledriver style, so he can really get his tongue in there and make a meal of his tight little hole. Austin is excited to learn how to deep throat. Scoutmaster Dietrich makes the boy’s toes curl with a deep anal pounding.

When Scoutmaster Knox takes Jack and Austin camping one day, he leaves the twinks by themselves in the tent for a bit just so they can get to know each other better. Austin and Jack play a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” before Scoutmaster Knox joins them for a threeway, giving the boys an experience that expands their sexual horizons even further.

Scoutmaster Felix Kamp takes Austin out for an excursion that will test his dedication to his scouting adventures. If Austin is to become an Elite Scout, he must follow Scoutmaster Kamp’s instructions and make him happy. In the tent, Scoutmaster Kamp discovers his young charge is more than up to the challenge of joining the upper ranks.

Now that Austin and Jack have had their sexual awakenings and learned from their elders, it’s time for the twink scouts to explore each other’s deliciously smooth bodies. On their sleeping bags, they start to kiss passionately and fondle each other. Austin lies back and moans with pleasure as Jack licks and sucks his hard young cock. Then Jack turns around and quivers with excitement as Austin rims his fresh butthole. While his tongue glides along his fellow scout’s pucker and ass crack, Austin jerks his own dick to full hardness, preparing both of them for anal penetration. Austin pushes inside Jack and pumps harder and harder, but he takes his time to make it feel special. Later, it’s Austin’s turn to bottom for Jack. The scouts’ flip fucking isn’t just a way for them to get each other off, but also a bonding experience that they’ll cherish as elite members of their scouting troop.

Carnal Media and its brand-new Scout Boys label have given us plenty of hot fantasy fuel with this exclusive new release!

Watch Scout Boys on AEBNWatch Scout Boys on AEBNWatch Scout Boys on AEBNWatch Scout Boys on AEBN