Movie Review: Through the Looking Glass

“Through the Looking Glass” from Himeros TV stars a gorgeous cast of English guys on location in a French castle. The movie was loosely inspired by the Lewis Carroll novel of the same name, and you can expect the delirious nature of the source material to shine through in eight voyeuristic, BDSM-flavored vignettes. Himeros TV makes its mark as a studio to keep your eyes on, as its purpose is to bring us inventive, authentic gay erotic fantasies unlike most that we’re used to seeing.

Headline star Gabriel Cross has become one of England’s finest young hunks, having grown out of his slim twink phase into a mature, virile man. Auburn-haired star J.P. Dubois is a Scottish stud known for his passionate performances. These award-winning, versatile performers are known and loved all over the world.

Joining them are two twinks who both debuted in 2018. Tall, slim Clark Lewis has a mischievous, elfin look and is experienced in topping and bottoming. Cute, slender Alex Faux is the only dedicated bottom of the four, and he loves to submit and be used like a fuck toy.

The emotion that these stars express in their scenes is one of the most stimulating things about the movie. It’s not just that they’re hot, good-looking men having sex – not that we don’t love that, obviously – but there’s so much more going on. Everything looks beautiful, from the sets to the camera angles and then some. It’s a sensual experience that you can almost taste and smell as well as see and hear.

There are shots of luscious, achingly erotic oral stimulation, including a close-up of Clark sucking a chastity cage before J.P. straps him into it.

In a truly stunning sequence, Alex strokes his massive cock while gazing at Clark, who’s dressed completely in white and teasing him mercilessly with the use of a white lace fan and sheer tights. Eventually, Clark settles gracefully onto a settee across from Alex so that he can join him in jerking off while they make eyes at each other. Even though the two young men don’t touch, the tension and release make this one fantastic scene.

Later, Alex conjures up divine visions of temptation while praying in a chapel, in the form of his three costars appearing nude before him and then having their way with his holes, one after the other. Body worship and carnality are the best paths to ecstasy for this devout twink, who will surely find himself growing erect any time he enters a sanctuary hereafter.

Directed by Himeros TV founder Davey Wavey and dreamed up with the help of fan requests, “Through the Looking Glass” is a collection of eight loosely connected erotic scenes that follow none of the expected porn stereotypes or formulas. You don’t need to worry about following a story, and there’s no need to watch it all the way through in order to appreciate everything going on, but we wholeheartedly recommend that you drink in every second of this exquisite new release.