Shut Up and Take It

Shut Up and Take ItInmates might think they’ve put prison sex behind them, but wait till they meet their parole officers. In Shut Up and Take It, hapless crooks are subjected to the kind of justice that will never come from a courtroom. Shot in a hidden camera style, it feels like the raunchiest documentary you never saw on those cable TV true crime shows.

In the first case, a pair of Florida State Parole Officers extorts 21-year-old Liam Grant, who has served a short prison sentence for assaulting his girlfriend and has now violated the restraining order that she’s taken out against him. Officer Johnson, Liam’s parole officer, has a mile-wide vicious streak and a lack of tolerance for the likes of this punk. During every monthly visit to the parole office, Liam is subjected to an anal pounding. This scene is a recording of just one instance. What’s worse, prison or a punishment in the ass from a parole officer?

Carter Jacobs served three years at the Florida State Penitentiary in Bradford County for a home invasion. There is no honor among thieves, as Carter’s accomplice Benny G. proved. Benny got a reduced sentence of only two months because he was a juvenile and he testified against his partner in crime. Now that Jacobs is out, he has to report to his parole officer – a twisted civil servant who brings Benny in to let Carter take out revenge on the snitch’s ass. A traumatized Benny tells Carter the parole officers are crazy and have been breaking him for a long time. The parole officer tells Carter to fuck Benny in the ass. Carter doesn’t want to, but Benny drops his pants and tells his old buddy to do what the officer says or he’ll be sent back to prison. Benny is pretty hot and has a firm bubble butt, but that doesn’t matter to Carter because he isn’t gay. The parole officer makes Benny suck Carter to hardness so he can fuck him in the ass. Carter gets more into it the longer Benny deep-throats him, and enjoys taking it out of the snitch’s mouth and asshole.

During another interview, Officer Thompson makes Jacobs blow his colleague, Officer Johnson. After the thorough throat fucking, Jacobs is bent over a desk and pounded in the ass until he begs for the officers not to send him back to prison.

Cops and criminals are depicted with raw (in more ways than one) realism in a movie that will appeal to those with a fetish for the boys in blue.

Stars:   Benny   Liam Grant   Thompson   Johnson   Jacobs
Categories: Amateur   Fetish   New Release   Muscles   Bareback   Cops   Anal   Hidden Camera
Running Time:   73 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   On The Hunt  Parole Him

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