Spitting Image: Twin Trouble

Spitting Image: Twin TroubleLegendary director Chi Chi LaRue’s latest VOD release, Spitting Image: Twin Trouble is a sexual thriller of supernatural, supersexual proportions.

The fabulous, famous young Rosso twins, Liam and Luca, are cast as a pair of sexual spirits — kind of like incubi engaging in a little man-on-man action, only a bit less creepy and mostly a lot more voyeuristic than interactive. They ensnare any man in their web of attraction, inspiring new heights of sexual desire. These guys are still only 23 years old and they look like Greek gods with their steely blue eyes and massive muscles — who wouldn’t be captivated? In each scene leading up to the final showdown, Liam and Luca appear as silent figures who encourage beautiful men to do the dirtiest of sexual deeds.

Jonny Rock and Trey Turner, in scene one, feel moved to fuck while looking out at the ocean from their beautiful terrace. Trey just drops to his knees and slides Jonny’s “rock” right down his throat. Sporting huge boners that bounce as they walk, they head inside to the bedroom and pleasure each other with every inch of their swarthy, hard bodies as the Rosso twins watch silently from the balcony. Trey and Johnny are too caught up to notice they have an audience, or maybe it’s simply that the twins are invisible to mere mortals.

Every scene features the twins silently watching mortal men fuck for their viewing enjoyment. The men, never suspecting supernatural puppeteers could be directing their movements, are all as happy as can be to fuck and get fucked. It all leads up to the grand finale, an outstanding threesome featuring the twins and monster dicked Connor Maguire. He’s been waking up from dreams of them for the entire movie and finally he has the chance to meet and play with the spirits who have been haunting him with promises of pleasure. Watching Connor with his ass impaled on one twin’s cock while the other twin sucks Connor’s erection, it’s hard not to want your own pair of sexual spirits to play with on lonely evenings.

Spitting Image: Twin Trouble
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Stars:   Liam Rosso   Luca Rosso   Devin Adams   Max Gunnar   Johnny Rock   Dylan McLovin   Trey Turner   Tony Douglas   Connor Maguire
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex
Running Time:   77 minutes
Released:   04/2012
Studio Name:   All Worlds Video  Channel 1 Releasing
Director:   Chi Chi LaRue

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